IRCCS Galeazzi

IRCCS Galeazzi

Galeazzi Orthopaedic Hospital (Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi) is a teaching and research hospital in Milan, Italy. Since 2006, the hospital’s research activities concerning diseases of the movement apparatus have been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health; thus, Galeazzi is one of the Institutes for Care and Scientific Research (IRCCS).


IRCCS Galeazzi provides care for all orthopaedic diseases and was the first orthopaedic hospital in Italy to perform some complex surgeries, such as arthrodesis and hip, knee and ankle arthroplasties. Moreover, movement disorders and metabolic diseases are also treated. Besides orthopaedics, some additional specialties are present in the hospital, such as rehabilitation, dermatology, oral surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and endocrinology.


The research in IRCCS Galeazzi is typically aimed towards the musculoskeletal apparatus, considering three main pillars: 1) Clinical Research; 2) Biotechnology, and 3) Bioengineering. Within these 3 pillars, there are 4 broad lines of research: Focus 1: Tissue engineering and advanced cell therapy; Focus 2: Surgical, pharmacological, and technological innovations; Focus 3: Bioengineering applied to surgical and rehabilitative therapies and Focus 4: Biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and related systemic diseases. 

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