Orthopedic Clinic Volmarstein

Orthopedic Clinic Volmarstein

The Orthopedic Clinic Volmarstein in the Volmarstein district of the city of Wetter is a modern specialist clinic that offers general orthopedics and trauma surgery as well as a variety of specializations to improve and expand the treatment of patients.

5,000 operations per year (including more than 1,400 hip and knee prostheses) and as many conservatively treated patients speak for a great experience. The goal of the hospital is to find the optimal treatment for each patient individually.

The Volmarstein Orthopedic Clinic has been part of its range of services since the foundation of the Evangelical Volmarstein Foundation. The clinic was inaugurated in 1931 and continuously adapted to the requirements of modern, high-quality patient treatment and care.

In addition to the designated General Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery and Rheumatology Surgery departments, the Volmarstein Orthopedic Clinic also has special departments for pediatric and neuro-orthopedics, tumor orthopedics and revision surgery, hand surgery and foot surgery for the excellent treatment of patients.

Education has a long tradition at the Volmarstein Orthopedic Clinic. Therefore, the hospital is together with the partner hospital, the Ev. Hagen-Haspe Hospital, a founding member of the "Ev. Bildungszentrum für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe GmbH" based in Iserlohn. The nursing school, which it runs in cooperation with Protestant hospitals in the region, offers 143 training places.

The department of Pediatric orthopedics & neuro-orthopedics deals with the entire spectrum with the treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system in childhood and adolescence.

The aim is to prevent structural damage and functional deficits at an early stage and to improve the quality of life of children to give them the best possible opportunities for an active life in society. This is especially true for children with the most severe disabilities.

The spectrum of pediatric orthopedic diseases is very broad. At the same time, individual clinical pictures are very rare, such as 1 child per 1000 births in clubfoot. Competence in the field can therefore only be achieved through additional specialization. For this reason, special focuses of work have been structured in the department.

In 2019, Orthopedics Klinik Volmarstein was selected as the “Top Medical Center for Pediatric Orthopedics”.

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