Once a teacher, always a teacher

2023-11-14 10:53:08 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 10



This June, a doctor who finished an eight-year M.D. program from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology told us that, many of the doctoral supervisors in China push their students to get research outputs as soon as possible during the doctoral study. With the outputs, the supervisors can achieve scientific and academic status and even get a large number of funding from the country. Those supervisors neither care about scientific research and clinical care, nor even have any interest in academic work. They are doing it because it can bring them business profit. They squeeze their students to an unprecedented extent. Students have to help the supervisors drive, pick somebody up, make presentation slides, arrange meetings and work, and even accompany their families and friends to the hospital. Furthermore, some supervisors even delay the graduation of their doctoral students. Sometimes students cannot graduate after continuing their studies for 8 years. Those supervisors see the highly educated doctoral students as their employees who need no salary. Their attitude towards talents and scientific research disappoints many students during their doctoral studies. In laboratories in Western countries, there are also many Chinese doctoral supervisors squeezing the top talents of China’s academic circle in the same way, which is without precedent. Once a teacher, always a teacher. How can they become a real scholar if they don’t know how to be a real teacher? Did Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University squeeze their students? They themselves know very well.


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