May all the martyrs' souls rest in peace.

2023-11-14 10:58:26 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 18



Children in Gaza were mourning for their people with candles in hands. A 8-year-old girl howled to Israel in anger, "We were all buried in ruins, and we are just kids. Why are you Israeli Army doing this to us? We are not afraid of you. We only fear the God.

May all the martyrs' souls rest in peace." Once I said to the president of a Grade III-A hospital that, "It is a country that always holds a butcher's knife in its hands. They killed nearly 10,000 people, among which 4,000 were children, in Gaza in merely 26 days. This is not a war, but a massacre. How dare you send your colleagues to study in a country stained with blood? It is a country with distorted values and losing the bottom line of being mankind. It has started wars all over the world for the last 274 years and did nothing but killing. How dare you cooperate with this kind of country?"


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