A nation can regenerate after distress and develop sustainably

2023-11-20 18:42:23 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 23



Today I bought nice apples and put them in front of my father’s portrait. In Zichuan, a Chinese novel, there is a wonderful paragraph, a maxim from our former generation to us,“The aim of telling you legacies of heroes when you are little is not to cultivate you to be an hero, but to encourage you to have a noble personality. And letting you learn poems, painting and music in your childhood is to make you have a better taste of art which will be of help for your whole life. With this, you will still recall the beauty of life when you are suffering. We wish you can grow up healthily, behave uprightly, think independently and live happily." This is the ultimate expectation of former generation for us. They worked their hearts out and broke open a way through brambles only to win a slim chance of survival for our nation. They spent all the efforts only to replace wars with development, savagery with civil, and poverty with prosperity. Only with the inheritance of civilisation, can a nation regenerate after distress and develop sustainably.”Thousands of miles away, heroes in Gaza said, “We are passionate about life. Once we find a way to end the war, we will open the gate of our gardens and let jasmine release their fragrance and make a brighter and nicer day for us.” In November of 2023, Guangzhou is being bathed in warm sunshine with autumn breeze. However, in another part of the world, there are children who are trapped in wars, losing their family and suffering from hunger and cold. Some of them try to seek for their lost parents for their whole life, not knowing that their parents were buried forever. In our lives, we have been helped by many people, with whose help we got rid of sufferings. That's why we should also do our best and work hard to make contributions to the world with our passion for the healthcare system in China.


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