Impressive Emergency Process in Germany

2022-09-02 14:54:10 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 60


今天收到了来自正在德国哥廷根大学医疗中心大骨科访学的江门市五邑中医院钟诚医生的信息:德国急救流程让我十分震撼:直升机救援到达后行简短交班和系统评估,随即进行紧急B超探查及全身CT扫描,医护各司其职,井然有序,半小时左右做出精准诊断及治疗方案,送往手术室急诊手术。医护专业水准之高,设备之先进,流程之简单明确,确实很值得我们学习。(感谢 Yao和 Spering给我们细心解释,非常感激)

Today I received a message from Zhong Cheng, Wuyi Hospital of TCM, who is currently a fellow at the trauma center of University Medical Center of Göttingen, “Today I was impressed by the emergency process in Germany. After the air rescue arrived, there was a brief handover and systematic assessment, followed by a quick ultrasound scan and a full-body CT scan. Each medical professional performed their duties in an orderly manner. A accurate diagnosis and treatment plan was made in about half an hour, after which the patient was sent to the OR for emergency surgery. The high professionalism of the medical staff, the advanced equipment, and the accurate and concise procedure are indeed worth learning. I would like to hereby thank Dr. Yao and Dr. Spering for their introduction to the whole process. 


Without comparison, there is no way to know the reasons for the excellence of healthcare in Germany. The doctors in Germany have been taught to serve patients wholeheartedly with benevolence since they were in medical school. When they become a doctor, they strive for refining their clinical expertise ceaselessly. When they retire, they take training the young generation as their own responsibility for talent sustainability.


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