The underlying logic of healthcare in China

2022-09-05 12:12:54 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 45



"Return to Dust" is the most touching film in the summer of 2022, and it is the only Chinese film selected for the Berlin International Film Festival. When the film was being made, director Li Ruijun had only 2000 yuan left in her pocket without any financing or advertising. There is only one professional actress in the crew, Hai Qing, who spent a year in a small mountain village in Gansu Province, with a group of local farmers to interpret this great film. From this film, the wits saw love, the peasants saw suffering, whereas I saw the inbeing of healthcare. In fact, Guiying's illness is not that complicated, but it is difficult for two families in the rural northwest who are extremely poor and desperate. Youtie is still longing to take Guiying to see an expert in a large hospital. There are still 1 billion people in China who have never taken a flight. This film allows us to see the simplicity of Chinese farmers, who are hopeful even in the boundless darkness. We also saw the coldheartedness of the cruel rich, who take all the advantages, commit every evil, and have no sense of social responsibility. To evaluate a country's prosperity is not to see whether its people live in a spacious flat, use luxury goods or earn millions a year, it is to see if everyone has the freedom to get proper treatment timely and every doctor have a caring heart. This is what a civilized society should be like. The underlying logic of healthcare in China is to develop the primary care and universal health coverage. Even if China develops 100 top-class hospitals like Peking Union Medical College Hospital. The problem of 1.4 billion people's difficulty in receiving proper treatment cannot be solved. If every single hospital in every village, every town and every city can develop the specialties and cultivate their own talents, which will enable the patients in the neighborhood can receive high-quality treatment timely, this will be a great pioneering work of the healthcare in China.


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