Sino-German High-level Hospital Management Conference

2022-05-30 17:33:12 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 17


2022中德高水平医院管理会议于5月27日下午在郑州市骨科医院顺利举行。非常感谢张业龙院长、王爱国常务副院长、梅伟副院长、黄万新副院长、黄梅副院长等院领导的鼎力支持及各职能部门负责人的积极参与。Mayer教授以“医院成功的闭环,就是保持卓越”为题倾情分享他管理慕尼黑哈拉兴骨科医院20余年的经验,着重提到医院质量的管控。评定医院质量的五个维度:病人满意度、病人关系管理、设施便利程度、决策效率以及病人疗效。其中,前面四点考验的是医院的流程优化和管理质量,假如病人对医院基础设施、后勤服务等细节感到不满,即使疗效再好也得不到病人的满意。除了流程管理,一家医院成功的核心是医疗质量的把控和提高,要保持高质量的医疗服务,必须做到对并发症率和风险的管控。在讨论环节中,Mayer教授提到,关于人才培养,医院并不需要耗费大量成本去聘请在业内已极度有声望的“学术带头人”, 而是要发掘国内第二梯队的“明日之星”做科室主任,为他们提供成长的平台和空间,让他们成为真正的学术领袖,只有医院亲自培养出来的人才才会真正留在医院,这是防止人才流失的关键之处。医院不是去聘请人才,医院是培养属于自已的人才。人才才是一家医院的核心竞争力。


The Sino-German Video Conference on High-level Hospital Management 2022 was held successfully on May 27 at Zhengzhou Orthopedics Hospital.We highly appreciate the great support from the President Zhang Yelong, the Executive Vice President Wang Aiguo, the Vice Presidents Mei Wei, Huang Wanxin and Huang Mei as well as the attendance of all the administrators. Prof. Mayer shared his experience in managing Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching with a lecture titled The keys to success of a hospital - How to build and maintain excellence in which he emphasized the importance of hospital quality. The hospital quality categories include patient satisfaction patient relationship management amenities and convenience decision making efficiency and patient outcomes. The first four categories can be summarized as the process and management quality of a hospital. A perfect outcome does not count if a patient is dissatisfied with the infrastructure or other services. Besides, the core of the success is to keep the medical quality high which is to control complication rates and risks. During the discussion, Prof. Mayer also shared his insights in talent cultivation. It is not necessary to spend too much effort to hire a “key opinion leader” as the chief of a department. Instead, we should explore the young and talented “rising stars” who are at the second row of good surgeons and offer them the opportunity and help to grow up as a real “key opinion leader”. The key to maintain the talents is to cultivate our own key opinion leaders instead of hiring external talents. Talents are the core competitiveness of a hospital. 



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