In 2023, there is a place in this world called Gaza

2023-11-01 10:50:25 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 14



I remember, at 6:26 in the early morning of Oct 21, 2020, I woke up with a start. That night, I had a nightmare with tears streaming down my face. My son was around six years old. We were chased by a bad guy all the way, and my son fell into a drain. I shouted, “Where are you, son?” And he answered, “Mom, I’m here!”My phone was old and had no GPS, and it was so dark. Nobody could be reached to save us even when I cried myself hoarse. In the end, my son struggled out of the darkness by himself, with wounds on his face. It was so horrible. In reality, my son and I live a happy life. There’s no threat of killing. I realized it is so terrible to undergo that threat. Yesterday, late at night, I came back to Wuxi in October, a dreamlike city and city of trees. It’s warm and beautiful. Yet, there is also a place in this world called Gaza. Sometimes we can see the universe up high, but we lose sight of the miserable part of the society in the bottom. Every individual of Palestine who comes into the world has their own value in their lives.


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