It is impossible to attract patients without top doctors and high quality medical treatment

2023-08-01 11:45:18 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 38



The capital or big business want to make good profit by running hospitals, which is definitely a layman's thinking. In China, we have seen those who have invested several billions to set up a hospital, but so far no one has been able to make good profit by doing so. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany, is one of the three best hospitals in Europe with a history of 313 years. 2022 and 2021 saw Charité record a turnover of approximately €2.3 billion (including external funding and investment grants). Overall results for 2021 show a net income of € 7.784 million, accounting for 0.3% of its turnover. Overall results for 2022 show a net loss of €2.0 million. These were all due to the high personnel expenses and other operating costs of the hospital, which, including materials cost, accounted for 55% to 60% of Charité's turnover and are increasing year by year. In China, all the top doctors of 32 important specialties are working in public great III-A hospitals. This, is the so-called interpersonal relationship and social network. What top doctors need most is followers who are good peers. In China, patients go to see doctors to be treated in good hands, not to enjoy the services of five-star hotel. What they need is a doctor who can offer good medical treatment. Most of the top and promising doctors  will rather choose to work in public hospitals. It is not able to keep the top and excellent doctors only because you are the big capital or big business, the only requirement they can meet for establishing a hospital is money, it is impossible to attract patients without top doctors and high quality medical treatment. And without steady patient volume, the  hospitals can only come to a dead end no matter how much are invested in. This is the dilemma situation that Chinese private hospitals are facing now. Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital of Shantou University is a private orthopedic hospital. Prof. Jin Dadi and Prof. Li Xu are the founding presidents. They themselves are excellent doctors, with a large patient base accumulated over the years, as well as with young and promising doctors followed. The patient will always go to them seeking medical treatment whichever hospital they are working at. Their future is promising. It is a fantasy to make great profit by running a hospital solely relying on a group of entrepreneurs. It is said that Foresea Life Insurance Guangzhou General Hospital received a total investment of 6 billion yuan. And Retired President Wang Jianping of Sun Yat-sen University was invited to be the president. But there were not many patients coming. The result of running a hospital only by big business is that there are neither experts or patients.





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