Only Talents Make a Hospital Great

2023-07-24 17:28:39 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 31



In the midsummer of July, I flew from Guangzhou to Zunyi, the legendary historical city of China. I grew up in a town called Wujiang, 60 kilometers away from Zunyi, where my father participated in the construction of the Wujiangdu hydropower station. China's first hydropower station on limestone landform. When I was four, my eye was injured and I cried all night. My father sent me to the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University. My father took me to the old town the day I discharged from the hospital. There was a vendor on the street selling Chinese-style sponge cake, which were placed neatly in enamel pots. I was deeply impressed and moved. Today, I had the honor to meet Prof. Yu Changyin again, the President of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University. Years ago, he went to Mannheim to learn German, and went to Berlin to study hospital management. He studied in Germany for a whole year. He is highly professional with global thinking. As the largest university hospital in northern Guizhou. It holds an unpretentious concept of working for better service, better quality, better work ethic and better patient satisfaction. Lu Zimo from the Dept. of Spine Surgery will head to Germany from Chengdu on July 25, starting his two-year journey for an MD degree. On May 30th, he was awarded the scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council. Under the leadership of Director Ao Jun, 3 PhD holders were introduced to the Dept. of Spine Surgery and 4 were cultivated. There are 68 beds in the department and 2200 operations were performed last year. The team can independently performs 100 operations of spine tumor per year. Today we also visited Director Ao Jun at the Dept. of Spine Surgery. We saw that the wards are overcrowded with patients. Director Ao also visited Italy for a six-month fellowship. Nowadays the hospitals in China are faced with multiple difficulties. The DRG payment system made things even more complicated for the clinical departments and the doctors. It is people that make a hospital great. Every time I visit Zunyi, I am deeply touched by the kindness and the purity of the President and the Directors here. They are the future hope of the hospitals in China. Trust me, only your efforts bring you miracle.



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