New Techniques Needed in Departments, New Development Appears in Spine Centers

2023-06-30 10:45:49 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 34



In May, I got up early in the morning and had a phone call with Director Zhou Honggang of Henan Third People's Hospital. I said to him, "Your Intervertebral Disc Center has been listed as one of the national key specialties”. In China, the level of minimally invasive technique of your center is the top among all the other hospitals. However in Germany, an authentic spine center requires techniques of minimally invasive surgery and treating scoliosis and spinal tumor at the same time. Minimally invasive technique is the basic standard, whereas deformity technique represents the strength, and spinal tumor technique stands for high precision and professional skills of a spine center. Almost every hospital can carry out minimally invasive spine surgeries because it is not very difficult to be put in practice. Therefore, there is no buffer zone for minimally invasive technique in China, and many hospitals may probably encounter bottlenecks in their development process. From family doctors to specialized hospitals to university hospitals, this three-tier system composes German medical care system. The ability to handle difficult and complicated spinal diseases is the demonstration of a spine center’s high expertise. However, major spinal surgery is impossible to be treated with merely the minimally invasive technique, you have to build your own solid advantages. Since German people are mostly large in size, many spine surgeries cannot be performed with minimally invasive technique only. Therefore, in Germany, primary hospitals and specialized hospitals carry out most of the minimally invasive surgeries, while the university hospitals mainly perform highly difficult open surgeries. For the future development of a spine center, the techniques treating scoliosis, deformity and spinal tumor must be developed better and better. You can start from sending some excellent doctors for further education in these fields, and then bring patients in by setting up specialized outpatient clinic. Also, you can cooperate with the specialized hospital alliance and oncology hospitals, and receive patients with spinal tumors from them. Generally, it takes at least 5 years for a department to fully carry out a new technique. You’d better immediately set the layout now, and then you can handle patients with various spinal diseases in the future. An authentic spine center like that is truly invincible. In this way, your department will possess a stronger reputation, and a greater influence throughout China.


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