Sino-German Video Conference on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

2023-05-11 15:01:07 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 115


5月5日下午扬州大学附属苏北人民医院特邀世界微创脊柱大师、OLIF技术发明人Mayer教授共同召开中德微创脊柱外科视频会议。首先非常感谢冯新民主任对本次会议的大力支持以及对微创脊柱外科事业的深切关怀。该院脊柱外科医护团队26人,现有床位45张,年手术量约2000余例。科室一直重视微创脊柱外科技术的发展,大会上冯新民主任及其团队与Mayer教授进行深入互动,相互探讨、分享脊柱微创技术在临床诊疗上的经验。冯新民主任欢迎致辞后,张亮医生向Mayer教授介绍扬州大学附属苏北人民医院的院史以及脊柱外科科室情况,随后Mayer教授就《腰椎减压  微创外科是如何调整我们的治疗策略的》作专题演讲,他回顾了腰椎减压术的发展,从开放手术、微创手术、微创辅助内镜手术到全内镜手术的发展过程,并特别指出来自中国与韩国的同道们在推动脊柱内镜技术的发展中贡献突出。随后,张志强主任分享《脊柱内镜的临床应用》课题,展示了许多有趣的病例,分享了其团队丰富的脊柱内镜技术经验。Mayer教授对该院在脊柱微创事业所取得的成就表示热烈祝贺。中德两国相隔万里,学术交流的步伐永不停歇。冯新民主任希望未来有机会邀请Mayer教授到该院进一步探讨脊柱微创技术的创新与发展,到如梦如幻的古城扬州参观游览,并品尝当地正宗扬州炒饭。

On the afternoon of May 5th, Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital, Affiliated Hospital to Yangzhou University specially invited Prof. Mayer, a world-class master in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and the first one to describe OLIF technique, to attend this Sino-German Video Conference on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

For starters, special thanks go to Director Feng Xinmin, who has shown great support for this conference and deep concern for the cause of MISS. The Department of Spine Surgery in this hospital has 26 medical staff in total. With 45 beds, the department performs over 2,000 operations annually. The department has always been attaching importance to the development of MISS techniques. During the conference, Director Feng Xinmin and his team actively interacted with Prof. Mayer, discussing and sharing experience on the clinical practice of MISS techniques. After Director Feng Xinmin gave the welcome address, Dr. Zhang Liang introduced the history of the hospital and the Department of Spine Surgery to Prof. Mayer. Then Prof. Mayer gave a keynote speech titled “Lumbar Decompression- How MIS has changed our treatment strategies”, in which he took a look back on the technological transformation of lumbar spine surgery, which is Open - Micro - Micro-Endo - Full Endo - Endo-assisted and pointed out that colleagues from China and South Korea have contributed a lot to the development of endoscopic techniques for the spine.

Later on, Director Zhang Zhiqiang shared a lecture called “Endoscopic Spine Surgery”, in which he showed many interesting cases, sharing their team’s extensive experience on endoscopic techniques. Prof. Mayer congratulated the hospital warmly on its achievements in the cause of MISS. Despite hundreds of thousands of miles apart, the academic exchange between China and Germany will never stop. Director Feng Xinmin hopes that they could have the opportunity to invite Prof. Mayer to visit the hospital to further discuss the innovation and development of MISS in the future, and to visit Yangzhou, a picturesque historical city of China and taste the authentic Yangzhou fried rice there.


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