National sentiment, Global vision

2023-04-07 15:50:11 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 31



Under the sunshine in Spring, we visited Xiamen, the Third Sino-Euro Global Forum on Hospital Management, Specialty Constuction & Talent Cultivation 2023 will be grandly held on September 16 at W Xiamen. For this global webcast, we have the honor to invite fellows of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. Hospital Presidents from China and Germany. Key academic leaders from China and Europe and young and promising doctors in China as our distinguished guests. Special tribute is also paid to a great patriotic entrepreneur at this international grand meeting. Since the Marco Polo Bridge Incident broke out on July 7, 1937. He travelled all around China and raised 400 million yuan for the Anti Japanese War in three years. He organized overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia to donate 217 planes and over 1,000 vehicles. He recruited 3,000 workers to transport supplies to the front line, in the face of gunfire, more than 1,000 among them sacrificed. The Japanese authorities offered a reward of 100000 yuan to arrest him, who carried poison every day and was always ready to sacrifice his life for his country. During the period of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea, due to national difficulties, he donated another 500,000 yuan. In 1961, he passed away in Beijing and donated all his 3 million yuan to the country, without leaving any for his family. On his funeral, Premier Zhou and General Zhu personally escorted his coffin, and Marshal Chen Yi personally expressed condolences for him. In 1981, the Zijinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences even named a star after him. He founded Xiamen University and donated it to the country. He is the great patriotic entrepreneur Mr. Chen Jiageng. We must honor him greatly here today. What are we running our business for? It’s not for glory, wealth, fame or social status. It’s for our great country. This is the national sentiment, this is the national mission. Only if our country is getting better can each of us live a better life. Of course, we hope more promising Chinese doctors can become the hope of Chinese hospitals



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