Internationalization Strategy of Guiyang Fourth People’s Hospital III

2023-04-10 11:05:55 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 53



China is now attracting attention from the rest of the world. The development of China's medical industry has been supported by generous doctors throughout the world. On February 2, Dr. Xiao Yu, a spine surgeon from Guiyang Fourth People’s Hospital (Guiyang Orthopedics Hospital), flew from Chengdu to Frankfurt. He will study for German MD Degree at Goethe University Frankfurt in the next two years. The doctoral supervisor of Dr. Xiao is Prof. Michael Rauschmann, the former President of the German Spine Society and the Chief of the Department of Spinal Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Orthopaedics at Sana KliniKum Offenbach. The Sana Klinikum Offenbach is an academic teaching hospital of the Goethe University Frankfurt. The hospital has over 900 beds and around 2300 employees, which ensures around 39,000 inpatient cases every year. Prof. Rauschmann has been awarded on the FOCUS list of “Best Spine Surgeon” for 12 years. Dr. Xiao could not find acceptable accommodation three months before his departure. After learning about the situation, Prof. Rauschmann sent an email to us, saying that “if Dr. Xiao cannot find accommodation when he arrives, he can stay in my house for a while”. When Dr. Xiao arrived in Frankfurt, Prof. Rauschmann specifically took time off to receive him at the airport. In the last two months, Prof. Rauschmann drew up a detailed plan for his scientific researches and clinical practices. Prof. Rauschmann invited Dr. Xiao to play an active role in all clinical works, including outpatient services, ward rounds, case discussions and surgeries. Dr. Xiao has observed many highly challenging spine surgeries, which are not so common even in Grade III-A hospitals in China. Prof. Rauschmann has also arranged a six-month German training course for him. The study in Germany will be under pressure but with pleasure. As the saying goes, “Who teaches me for a day is my father for a lifetime”. We are truly indebted  to Prof. Rauschmann for his generosity and thoughtfulness.


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