The century-old Xiangya Hospital always prioritize the people

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昨天下午我们到了湘雅医院, 漫步在1915年的古老红楼前百感交集。如果我有千条生命,必定每一条都要留给中国这是湘雅医学院的创始人颜福庆对祖国的誓言。他是全亚洲第一个耶鲁医学博士。他拒绝美国的高薪,毅然绝然地回到战火纷飞的祖国,创立了湘雅医学院,这里走出了中国最夺目的医学人才,他们占领了中国医学事业的半壁江山。如果颜福庆地下有知,中国现在应该有更多颜福庆式的医生。办公楼下有孙中山的题字:学成致用。老红楼里有毛主席提字:救死扶伤。湘雅医院的创始人Prof. Hume曾说过:我希望在这片东方土地上奠定现代医学实践和医学教育的基石。”红楼1915年由美国著名设计师墨菲设计建成。有300个房间,180张床。古朴高雅,历任院长为国为民,人品尊贵,内心高雅。他们的那种为国为民的精神。他们心中的信仰,让每一个中国人为之动容。Hume 教授在他的自传体《道一风同》中写道“真正无所畏惧的人们一定会相逢,因为他们精神相近,他的勇气和顽强相似”。这种精神,这种信仰中国每一位医生都应该学习,百年湘雅的精神应该让致立于现代医学的国內外同行都知道中国医院的精神。现在国家发达了,但精神的东西却退化了,在那个战火纷飞,国家内忧外患的年代,是他们真正创造了现代医学的传奇故事。他们才真正做到了救死扶伤, 一切为了人民健康。

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. We wandered with mixed feelings around the ancient red buildings dating back to 1915.Even if I have a thousand lives, I am ready to dedicate them all to my motherland”. This is the oath of Dr. Yan Fuqing, the founder of Xiangya Medical School, to our motherland. He was the first Asian to get a doctoral degree in medicine at Yale University. He had declined well-paid offers from the U.S., resolutely returned to the war-torn motherland and founded Xiangya Medical School, which is the cradle of the most prestigious talents in healthcare. They are the mainstays of the healthcare in China. There should be more doctors like Yan Fuqing in China now. In the office building, there was Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s inscription “Learning for Practice”. In one of the ancient red buildings, there was Chairman Mao’s inscription “Heal the wounded and rescue the dying”. Prof. Hume, the founder of Xiangya Hospital, said that he hoped to lay the foundation of modern medical practice and medical education in this oriental land. The red buildings were designed in 1915 by Henry Murphy, a famous American architect. It was designed with 300 rooms and 180 beds. Simple but elegant. All the presidents of Xiangya Hospital nobly and gracefully served the country and the people. Their faith in serving the country and the people touches every Chinese deeply. Prof. Hume wrote in his autobiography Doctors East, Doctors West that People who are truly fearless must meet each otherbecause they have similar spirit and all of them are gallant and tenacious. Every Chinese doctor should learn from their spirit and belief. The century-old Xiangya spirit is the epitome of Chinese hospital spirit, which should be learned by more peers dedicated to modern medicine at home and abroad. Our country has enjoyed rapid economic development, but we seem to have forgotten the valuable spirit. In those war-ridden years when our country was faced with troubles at home and aggression from abroad. It is them who created a real legend of modern medicine. They were the heroes who heal and rescue. Who dedicate themselves to the health of the people.


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