Good doctors treat each of their patients well

2023-03-13 14:44:30 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 40



For the first time in my life. when I returned home that year, I invited my father to a small restaurant on the street. It was an autumn evening with fresh breeze in October. I ordered three dishes, including his favorite Kung Pao Chicken and Coke. The dinner cost 65 yuan in total. My father was depressed, and so was I. I thought I would lose him soon. That day, he wore a 15-yuan shirt I had given him, for the first time. That was the first and last shirt I ever gave him. I couldn't make much money at the time. That evening, my father felt both happy and sad. Three months and 21 days later, he passes away just one week before the Chinese New Year. I believe that the mission of every doctor in China should be to be a good doctor. This should become a strong conviction throughout their careers. Good doctors treat each of their patients well, because God sees everything. Every patient has a heartbreaking story behind. They are either distressed, powerless, helpless, or desperate. 26 years ago, on that autumnal evening with breeze, I sobbed uncontrollably while eating, because I knew that we were out of time and that I would lose my father soon. But all I could do was stand by and watch my most loved one leave me. Because we were not fortunate enough, and because we did not meet a good doctor. Whenever I think of that evening and that dinner, it makes me cry. You can't truly understand the sad life of a seriously ill patient unless you've cried through the entire long night


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