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2023-03-09 18:34:57 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 56




In the past four and a half years, our team have visited many hospitals across China. We have seen many complacent hospitals. With a population of 1.4 billion, China has only 34,354 hospitals, with only 1,516 grade III-A hospitals. As leading hospitals in China, these large public hospitals are crowded with more than enough patients. Such a large number of patients brings the hospitals huge cash flows, so naturally, they don’t pay enough attention to improving their services. I don’t think a good hospital president would spend too much money on infrastructure construction and equipment purchases. I have recently learned that a high-level hospital in Guangdong Province received the fund of 300 million RMB yuan from the provincial government and another 300 million RMB yuan from the municipal government.With 600 million yuan in hand, the hospital started to purchase a lot of medical devices and equipment. The president of the hospital has been promoted to the Secretary of Party Committee, and the vice president has retired. They had planned to devote themselves to specialty construction and talent cultivation, but nothing has been accomplished. I suppose they have spent all their money on infrastructure construction and equipment purchases. The hospital might have advanced equipment, but not great doctors. At the end of the day, the hospital will not make big progress. There are many complacent hospitals like this in China. This is such a sad story. They have squandered the fund on purchasing American medical devices. All those “great” machines are of no value when they are not used by great doctors. The doctors do not focus on improving themselves since they are not valued. There is no guarantee of high-quality medical services for patients. But no one dares to contradict them. Everybody is muddling along. What is the biggest challenge for a hospital? The biggest challenge is to treat the seriously-ill patients with less costs, shorter time and better results. The medical and administrative personnel in different departments have different interests and thoughts. It is the president’s responsibility to gather them together. Is the workflow reasonable? Is the use of drugs and consumables reasonable? Are the patients satisfied with the hospital? How is the convenience of the hospital? The hospital needs a powerful medical team and administrative support to conquer the challenges. How will the hospital survive if they don’t pay higher attention in key specialties and outstanding talents? Medical science evolves with each passing day. If a hospital never catches up with the up-to-date medical progress in the world every year, it will be beaten by its rivals. To run a hospital well, the president should realize that talents are the core competitiveness of the hospital. How can the hospital find talents? How can they cultivate talents? How can they keep the talents? How can they improve talents? Shouldn’t a president spend much more time and energy on the talents? After all, it requires doctors for outpatient service, and it requires many surgeons and nurses to perform a surgery. After all, it is the talents who create value for the hospital.


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