Dr. Armengol is no longer here with us

2023-02-20 09:51:13 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 66


2月10日下午在广州飞无锡的飞机上我写了这篇美文。我要特别怀念Dr.Armengol,到今天,他已去世整整四个月的光阴。他创立了西班牙瓦尔德西西伯伦大学医院消化内科,他曾任欧洲消化内镜学会主席。西班牙消化内镜学会主席。他为古巴前总统卡斯特罗主刀过手术。从2010年开始我多次带代表团访问他们医院。他也曾带病于2014年和2015年飞来广州为我投资的新公司的全球发布会亲自站台。2015年他来广州时还赶去了广东省人民医院带病为他们做了一台手术。我把他介绍给了广东省人民医院,广州市第一人民医院,深圳市第二人民医院。这三家医院共计六位医生飞赴巴塞罗那到他的科室进行了长达一年的访学。他还为这些医生专门长期在巴塞罗那租了一套房子。直到他的生命最后一刻他还在工作。我怀念西班牙,我怀念巴塞罗那,我怀念在他医院工作的每时每刻,我怀念我们在西班牙丽兹卡尔顿酒店举行的欢迎晚宴。青山白水,世间再无Armengol,世间再无这么一位象父亲象挚友一样教导我帮助我的长辈。我对医疗的挚爱,我对我祖国的挚爱,这所有的所有都将化为无尽的泪水。中国医院的每一天每一个激动人心的进步,原来都是因为我身后有这么多世界上伟大的医生在默默地支持着我们。写完这段话,我看见了机窗外灿烂的夕阳。这么好的天气,这么好的时光,世间真的再无  Armengol了。我只能来这世间一次,在奔腾的岁月里,我会永远记住我们曾经相遇的故事。

I wrote these words on the flight from Guangzhou to Wuxi on February 10th. I would like to cherish the memory of Dr. Armengol, who has passed away for four months now. Dr. Armengol founded the Digestive and Endoscopy Department of Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Spain.  And he was president of European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy between 1994 and 1996. He served as president of Spanish Society of Digestive Endoscopy between 1987 and 1990. He once operated on former Cuban President Fidel Castro. Since 2010, I have led groups of presidents to visit his hospital many times. He personally flew to Guangzhou to the global press conference of the new company I invested in even when he was sick in 2014 and 2015. He even performed a surgery for Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital during his visit to China in 2015. I introduced him to Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Guangzhou First People’s Hospital and The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University. There were a total of six doctors from these three hospitals visited his department in Barcelona as fellows for a year. He specifically rented a house in Barcelona for these fellows. He worked until the very end of his life. I miss Spain. I miss Barcelona. I miss the time when I worked with him in his hospital. And I miss the welcome dinner in the Ritz-Carlton Spain. As time flies, Dr. Armengol is no longer here with us. The person who guided and helped me like a father and a friend is no longer with me. My love for medicine, my love for my country, all these will turn into endless tears. When we witness exciting progress in Chinese hospitals, we should bear it in mind that many of the world’s great doctors have been silently supporting us. After writing these words, I saw a brilliant sunset outside the window of the plane. It is a pity that such a fine day and such a good time cannot be seen by Dr. Armengol. I can only live once, so in the running river of time, I will always remember the story between me and Dr. Armengol.


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