Sino-German Webinar on Orthopedics Specialty Construction

2023-02-16 16:34:34 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 58



On Feb. 10, the Sino-German Webinar on Orthopedics Specialty Construction was held by Dongguan Hospital Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Dongguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Prof. Mayer, the Founding Medical Director of Schön Klinik München Harlaching. Prof. Mayer shared that it is better structuring a big orthopaedics department according to sub-specialties based on anatomical regions instead of types of diseases. Prof. Mayer said that it seems not reasonable to have additional sports medicine and trauma surgery departments because there were too many overlaps between these two departments and other anatomically oriented sub-specialties, which may create the problem of not being able to determine treating department of the patients. In Harlaching, they decided to set up an outpatient department for sports medicine and traumatology for initial diagnosis, according to which, the patient will then be transferred to relevant sub-specialty for more accurate and appropriate following treatment. Including the Spine Center, Shoulder-Hip-Knee Center, Foot and Ankle Center, Pediatric Orthopedics Center, Hand and Plastic Center, etc.. This mode for orthopedics sub-specialization has been widely used among all the university hospitals and orthopedics hospitals in Germany. In such a city like Dongguan where there are so many competitive fellow hospitals in neighbouring city-Guangzhou, Prof. Mayer pointed out that they could attract more patients through conducting health care talks introducing common diseases and their treatment concept, in addition to organizing academic conferences. Prof. Mayer put forward suggestions on the future development and overall planning of the department, from the perspectives of management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. Ye Guohua, the Secretary of Party Committee at Dongguan Hospital of TCM, delivered warm welcome address and closing remarks out of his busy schedule. Director Lu Guoliang of Orthopedics, gave a report and hosted the discussion. All the attendees interacted actively and benefited a lot. The building of Dongguan Orthopaedics Research Center with an investment of 55 million Euros is established in Dongguan Hospital of TCM, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. It will provide strong support for the further development of the Orthopaedics in the hospital.


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