Was blind, but now I see

2023-01-09 17:26:39 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 92


1月3日开启了我与李友平的2023年首飞。从广州直飞无锡,这个如梦如幻的中国古城。这四年半的时间,充实而美好。全国53个城市128家三甲医院与我们开展了紧密的国际医疗服务。我始终坚信:一个国家,科技发达,医学昌明,教育普及,人民安居乐业,自由法制,这才重要。这就是我们从广州到慕尼黑充满非凡理想和远大抱负的中国医院的故事。昨天上午江门市中心医院脊柱外科付兆宗医生顺利从广州直飞罗马,后转乘火车到博洛尼亚来到了传说中的里佐利骨科研究所(Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute)。他的导师是世界脊柱肿瘤第一人Boriani教授 。Boriani 因个人亲自主刀了超过2000台脊柱肿瘤手术为此震惊世界。上海长征医院骨科医院肖建如院长非常尊敬他。这四年时间江门市中心医院脊柱外科在陈忠羡主任的带领下由每年800台手术增长到了2000台,每年可以独立开展50台脊柱肿瘤手术。江门当地百姓无需跋山涉水到中国一线城市即可在当地就医这种复杂而罕见的疾病。这就是我们多年来坚信要深耕基层医疗的信心所在。今年6月陈忠羡主任也将到达意大利向大师学习,不断提升自已。江门市中心医院脊柱外科已开展了脊柱微创技术,脊柱侧弯畸形技术和脊柱肿瘤技术,真切造福了当地百姓。从2018年开始世界微创脊柱大师Prof. Mayer和Prof. Boriani 都曾亲自到访该院与陈忠羡主任团队面对面交流。像《奇异恩典》一曲中两句:Was blind, but now l see.曾经盲目,重又得见,这就是大师的恩典。


On January 3, I took my first flight of 2023 with one of our colleagues, Li Youping, from Guangzhou to Wuxi, which is a picturesque historical city of China. Gloryren has a fruitful and great journey in the last four and a half years. We are in close collaboration with 128 Grade III Class A hospitals in 53 Chinese cities by providing them with international medical services. I always believe that what really matters for a country is having its people living in a free and law-governed society with advanced science and technology, advanced medical system, a high level of popularization of education, and living in peace and contentment. From Guangzhou to Munich, this is the story of the Chinese hospitals with extraordinary ideals and ambitions. On February 4, Dr. Fu Zhaozong, a spine surgeon from Jiangmen Central Hospital, took a direct flight from Guangzhou to Rome and then transferred by train to Bologna to visit the prestigious Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. His mentor, Prof. Boriani, is a World-class Master for Spinal Tumor who has collected more than 2,000 cases on this subject so far, which surprises the colleagues worldwide. Xiao Jianru, the President of Orthopaedic Hospital of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, feels great respect toward him. Led by Director Chen Zhongxian, the annual surgical caseload in the Department of Spine Surgery of Jiangmen Central Hospital has increased from 800 to 2,000 in the last four years. Every year, around 50 surgeries for spinal tumor could be performed in this department. The local residents are no longer trekking into the hospitals in the first-tier cities to seek medical treatment for these complex and rare diseases, but could receive the treatment in local hospitals. This built our confidence to keep our faith over the years that we should be deeply involved in developing primary care. Director Chen Zhongxian also will fly to Italy to learn from the Master to improve himself in June 2023. The Department of Spine Surgery of Jiangmen Central Hospital has mastered minimally invasive techniques, and has carried out complex surgeries to treat spinal deformity and spinal tumor, which has greatly benefited the local people. Since 2018, the world’s minimally invasive spine master Prof. Mayer and Prof. Boriani have been visiting the hospital to meet with Director Chen Zhongxian and his team for academic exchanges. As the hymn “Amazing Grace” goes, “Was blind, but now I see”, what the Masters brought to the Chinese hospitals is a comparable goodwill.


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