Sino-German Joint Replacement Webinar

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In the afternoon of December 15, 2022, the Orthopaedic and Joint Surgery Committee of Shantou Medical Association and Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany jointly held the 2022 Sino-German Knee Arthroplasty Webinar in the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College. Prof. Renkawitz, Medical Director of Clinic for Orthopedics of Heidelberg University Hospital, Professor of Orthopedics at Heidelberg University and member of the board of DGOOC, was invited to give an academic lecture and exchange in this webinar.

Professor Chen Jian, Vice President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, Professor Hu Jun from Department of Orthopedics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, Professor Zeng Qingqiang, Vice President of Shantou Hospital of TCM, Professor Zeng Runming from Department of Orthopedics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College and fellow orthopedic surgeons attended the webinar.

胡军教授主持会议,陈剑教授为本次会议致欢迎词,附一院骨科林海明博士担任会议翻译。 Renkawitz教授为本次会议精心准备了题为《导航辅助全膝关节置换术--十五年来的经验教训》的演讲,分别讲述了Renkawitz教授团队在该项技术兴起之时开展导航膝关节置换手术十五年的切身经验、体会及展望,学术演讲全程信息量十足,包括手术技术操作原理及原则、手术精准度评价、手术预期目标及个体化治疗方案的设计等。Renkawitz 教授结合大量的病例研究,阐述了自己对该项技术认知理解的发展历程,揭示动态力线及静态力线的平衡是至关重要的,而导航技术能很好实现这一任务,同时对该领域的相关文献进行了对比分析,并提出该项技术未来的发展趋势。

Prof. Hu Jun chaired the webinar, Prof. Chen Jian gave a welcome speech and Dr. Lin Haiming from the Department of Orthopedics was the interpreter. Prof. Renkawitz gave a lecture entitled "Navigated Assisted TKA - Lessons Learned in 15 Years", in which he talked about the experience, reflection and outlook in performing navigation knee arthroplasty with these fifteen years of experiences by Prof. Renkawitz and his team. The lecture reveals the operating principles and procedures of CAS knee arthroplasty, and demonstrates that it outperforms in the evaluation of surgical precision, realizing the expected goals of the surgery and the design of individualized treatment plans. Prof. Renkawitz presented the development of his cognitive understanding of this CAS method with numerous case studies, revealing that the balance between kinematic and mechanical alignment is crucial and that navigated TKA is well suited to this task, a comparative analysis of the relevant literature in this field was then made, and the future trends of this method was proposed in the lecture.



After the lecture, the participants had a heated discussion with Prof. Renkawitz, covering aspects such as how to implement a single-center study on this method, the individual reasons for revision concerning navigated TKA and conventional TKA, the influence of information technology on the development of this method, and the causes of surgical complications. Prof. Renkawitz answered the questions in detail and with great care.

At the end of the session, Prof. Hu Jun concluded the webinar by expressing his gratitude to Prof. Renkawitz for his excellent lecture and thanking his fellow orthopedic surgeons for their enthusiastic participation in the discussion, Prof. Renkawitz expressed his pleasure to participate in this joint webinar with the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College and the Orthopedic Joint Surgery Committee of Shantou Medical Association. Both sides hope to have more opportunities for in-depth and extensive academic exchanges in the future.


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