Internationalization Strategy of Guiyang Fourth People's Hospital

2022-11-29 18:25:59 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 73




Winter time is back in Germany and Göttingen with the first snowfall last week. On Nov 11, Zhou Xiang from Guiyang Municipal Fourth People's Hospital arrived in Göttingen after transferring in Guangzhou and Frankfurt. Göttingen is a university town in central Germany to which 46 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated. It is a warm and romantic town with strong academic atmosphere. Prof. Lehmann, the Chair of the Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery at the University Medical Center of Göttingen, is the Chairman of Trauma Network Committee and the Chair of European Pelvic Course. Prof. Lehmann was happy about Zhou Xiang's arrival and is look forward to his upcoming doctoral study. This is the second MD student from Chinese Grade Three Class A hospital of Prof. Lehmann. Next year, Yang Jie from Dongguan People's Hospital will be the third one. The Trauma Center led by Prof. Lehmann is a Level 1 supraregional trauma center in Germany. They have been treating injured patients from Ukraine since this year. The trauma care here is well-organized and impressive with more than 800 helicopter rescue cases per year and more than 1,000 poly-traumatized patients per year. In Germany, orthopedics and trauma surgery are two parallel specialties with close cooperation. In General, the field of “O & U” can be divided into orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine, which is worth referring to and we hope that the orthopedics community in China can be inspired from it. The apartment where Zhou Xiang stays is newly renovated with a inclusive monthly rent of 180 euros. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the university hospital with a 15-min walk. The annual Christmas market has grandly opened this month. I miss Germany and I miss Göttingen. I miss my lifetime friends there. I miss every bit of scenery there. I miss the coffee shop around the street corner there. I miss the university library there. At the moment, there are four Chinese surgeons visiting UMG two of them are pursing their MD degree and the others are for clinical fellowship. 


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