Sino-German Video Conference on Spine Surgery

2022-11-16 16:14:41 Guangzhou Gloryren Orthopedics Technology Co., Ltd 78



本次会议邀请了世界微创脊柱大师和OLIF技术创始人Prof. Mayer进行了以《OLIF的发展及技术沿革》为题的演讲。他回顾了1909年至今的腰椎融合术的发展,从第一例使用植入物的脊柱融合术、前路融合术、开放式’OLIF’、腹腔镜入路、胸腔镜入路到微创OLIF术式的发展过程。Mayer教授讲解了OLIF术式下病人体位、病灶定位、手术步骤及每一步骤下应注意的细节。最后,Mayer教授总结了OLIF术式具有经人体自然组织入路,腰大肌损伤小,血管及神经损伤小,无需额外体征监测,创口小以及可进行多节段融合的优点。




On November 11th, The Sino-German Spine Surgery Webinar of the fifth East Lake Orthopaedics Forum kicked off in Hubei 672 Orthopaedics Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. First of all, we would like to express heartfelt thankfulness to President Li Xugui for his great support to this conference and his deep concern for the development of spine surgery.

Prof. Mayer, the world-renowned minimally invasive spine expert and the developer of OLIF technique, was invited to deliver a speech titled ‘OLIF - Development and Technical Aspects’. During his lecture, he took a look back on the technological transformation of spinal fusion technique from 1909 to 2020, which is first instrumented fusion - Anterior Approach - Open ‘OLIF’ Approach - Laparoscopic Approach - Thoracoscopic Approach - ‘MiniALIF(OLIF) . Then, Prof. Mayer shared his personal experience on positioning, localization, surgical steps and tips and tricks of those steps. At the end of the speech, he summarized that OLIF owns the advantages of natural anatomic approach, minimal injury to the psoas, minimal risk of nerve injury and vascular injury, no monitoring necessary, small skin incisions and easy bi-/multisegmental access.

During the case reports session, Deputy Director Lu Qilin gave a case report and a surgical methods review of Cervical OPLL. Dr. Tang Jin gave a report on case of severe lumbar infection(360° access). And Dr. Chen Long gave a report on Ultrasound assisted percutaneous Vertebroplasty in upper and Mid - thoracic osteoporotic Fracture. Prof. Mayer was impressed by their bilingual presentations.

Last but not least, President Li made a closing remarks that he hoped for more further exchanges with Prof. Mayer in the future. Also, Thanks for the interpretation of Dr. Wang Chaoqun. President Li launched an Internationalization Strategy to contribute to the talent cultivation. In 2023, Dr. Wang Chaoqun and Dr. Chen Long will head to Charité and University of Rostock respectively for their MD degree. And Dr. Tang Jin will also head to Charité for fellowship.


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