Bright future for Huaxin Orthopedics Hospital

2022-10-26 10:52:22 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 116



My mother fell and was injured and I took her to Shantou University Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopedics Hospital on Oct 18th. There are so many hospitals in Guangzhou, but I chose Huaxin. This hospital was co-founded by Prof. Jin Dadi, a top spine specialist in China, and Prof. Li Xu, a top pediatric orthopedics specialist in China, in 2019 with investment from the Huaxin Group. In every hospital, the development of orthopedics is the key to success. In every city in China, there should be a specialized orthopedics hospital. It only took Director Xie Zhiiyun, the Chief of Joint Surgery, one hour to take images, diagnose, and wear a plaster cast. That was smooth as flowing water. We are really grateful for the help from Director Li Chuanjiang and Director Xie Zhiyun. The team of executives holds a Sino-German Webinar on Hospital Management every year. A successful hospital relies on the synergy of hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. In China, there are not many orthopedics surgeons who dare to leave the public system and to found an orthopedics hospital independently. This costs huge confidence and courage. What matters the most is the permanent effort of Prof. Jin and Prof. Li, and their benevolent heart to the patients. Every time I visit this hospital and see its great progress in the past four years. I wholeheartedly feel happy and proud of them. Working at a large hospital is not that difficult, while it is super difficult to independently found and develop a successful hospital. But I am sure that there is a bright future for Huaxin Orthopedics Hospital.


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