Sino-German Webinar on Orthopedics Specialty Construction

2022-10-18 11:07:14 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 40



On Oct 14, the Sino-German Webinar on Orthopedics Specialty Construction was held by Wuhan No.1 Hospital (Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) and Prof. Mayer, the Founding Medical Director of Schön Klinik München Harlaching. Concerning sub-specialization, Prof. Mayer set up a Center for Sports Medicine at the beginning, but then they realized that there were too many overlaps, between the Center for Sports Medicine and other sub-specialties which were set up according to anatomical regions. In the end they decided to set up an outpatient department for sports medicine for initial diagnosis, according to which, the patient will then be transferred to relevant sub-speciality for more accurate and appropriate following treatment. Including the Spine Center, Shoulder-Hip-Knee Center, Foot and Ankle Center, Pediatric Orthopedics Center, Hand and Plastic Center, etc. This mode for orthopedics sub-specialization has been widely used among all the university hospitals and orthopedics hospitals in Germany. Prof. Mayer pointed out that in such a city like Wuhan where there are so many competitive fellow hospitals, all the hospitals probably have a comparable medical spectrum and capacity, what makes the difference is the patient relationship management - to promote patient satisfaction. This is the “soft skill” of a hospitals. New patients will be attracted via the word-of-mouth effect only if the current patients are satisfied. Every department should cultivate its own “rising stars”. A working philosophy of mutual respect and mutual trust should be set up and promoted  among all hierarchies of a department. The webinar lasted nearly 3 hours. Prof. Mayer put forward suggestions on the future development and overall planning of the department, from the perspectives of management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. Chen Guohua, the Vice President of the hospital delivered a warm welcome address out of his busy schedule, Feng Jing, the Chief of Orthopedics, gave a report in English and hosted the discussion. The Chiefs of the sub-specialties raised questions and interacted actively. All the attendees benefited a lot. The scale and clinical capacity of Wuhan No.1 Hospital rank among the best of its kind with 4,260 beds.



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