To the contributors of the New China - the heroes who put their missions before their lives

2022-08-24 11:20:08 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 51



I grew up in a small town in Wujiang, Guizhou, because my father worked at the Sino-hydro Engineering Bureau 8 there, where they built the first hydropower station with limestone landform. Those were arduous and unforgettable times yet full of glory. Once upon a time, there was an explosion in Huangyan killing more than 20 workers. Their remains were placed outside the canteen. A senior lady came from the countryside, because all three of her sons were killed in the accidence. At the time I was thinking with such good weather such a lovely world and so many things to do, everyone should enjoy their life to their eighties, but their lives were gone... 


During the 12 years of construction. countless people were sacrificed in their work. All of them may have only one job in their life, but it is this job that they devoted their whole life to. The development of the New China does not owe to the tycoons or the magnates in internet banking or the celebrities. It is the millions of ordinary people who adhere to their extraordinary ideas in their ordinary work, who are the pride of the New China. The older I am the more often I recall the 7665 days and nights I spent with my parents at the Sino-hydro Engineering Bureau 8. Those are the highlight times of my life. Every single day is so precious. Every single day is so unforgettable for me. The best joy in the world is that you can make ordinary job extraordinary. I am very, very luck that in the best years of my life in the beautiful down in the market in the sun. I can always be bathed in the sunlight with overwhelming warmth and unstoppable beauty. Please, do not forget any ordinary person who devoted their whole life to the development of the country. I only live once in the running time. I will always remember the story of their devotion.


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