Sino-German High-level Hospital Management Conference

2022-07-26 11:57:16 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 50



The Sino-German Video Conference on High-level Hospital Management was held successfully at the Affiliated Sport Hospital of Chengdu Sport University on July 22. We would like to thank President Xiong Xiaoming and his team for their great support to the hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. Their management concept matches a lot with Prof. Mayer’s. After Prof. Mayer’s lecture, each of the executives raised specific questions in English, according to the specific situation of the Affiliated Sport Hospital of CDSU. Concerning the balance of administration and clinical practice, cooperation of rehabilitation departments and surgical departments in orthopedics hospitals, rehabilitation therapy in Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching, development of sports medicine and intersections of sub-specialties of orthopedics hospitals, importance of developing sports medicine, balance of clinical practice and scientific activities. How to create trust among employees, and the importance of nurses for the development of a hospital. After the discussion, the President Xiong Xiaoming gave a closing remark, during which he introduced to Prof. Mayer the long history, leisure lifestyle and abundant resources of Chengdu. Prof . Mayer appreciates the picturesque scenery and fine cuisine in Chengdu a lot and looks forward to further exchanges in the future.


The Affiliated Sport Hospital of CDSU was founded in 1958 as the first sport hospital of the new China. To China, it is special and pivotal. Team China won 38 gold medals at the 2020 Summer Olympics, and 9 of the medalists were safeguarded by them. The first gold medalist Yang Qian was supported by the Vice President Liao Yuanpeng. One-third of the gold medalists of the 2022 Winter Olympics were safeguarded by them. It is these unsung heroes behind the athletes who guarantee the safety of the Chinese athletes who compete in the top international competitions for China. Led by President Xiong, each the executives of the hospital speaks fluent English including all the Vice Presidents and the Nursing Director.


Prof. Mayer believes that the development of sports traumatology is one of the keys to the success of an orthopedics hospital, since more and more athletes will choose this hospital once one top athlete has been treated there. This is the effect of word of mouth. Every sub-specialty center of Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching including the Spine Center, Joint Centers, the Foot and Ankle Center has its own sports traumatology team. The sports tramatology is set according to anatomical parts at Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching, which was certified as one of the first FIFA Medical Centers of Excellence in 2007. Prof. Mayer is not only a master in MISS, he is also a well-known expert in sports medicine. He has operated for numerous Olympic athletes and world-class football player. There is currently no FIFA Medical Center of Excellence in China. This is also the driving force and dream goal of many sports medicine experts in China.


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