Sino-German High-level Hospital Management Conference

2022-05-25 18:18:35 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 44



On May 20, the Sino-German Video Conference on High-level Hospital Management was grandly held at the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University. We deeply appreciate the great support from the President Yu Changyin, the Vice President Wei Zairong and the attendance of the team. The Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University is the largest Grade 3 Class A hospital in the northern Guizhou with a long history. With the huge support from Dr. Ao, the Director of Spine Surgery, doctor Lu Zimo is going to pursue his MD degree in Germany for the coming two years. President Yu had been a visiting fellow in Berlin for one year and is therefore influenced a lot by German concepts. The Vice President Wei Zairong is also a renowned plastic surgeon.


德国Schön Klinik医院集团创始院长Mayer教授分享了《如何高效有序地运营一家医院-德国经验》。

Prof. Michael Mayer, the Founding Medical Director of Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching, delivered a lectured titled How to run a well - organized hospital efficiently - German (personal) perspective.



Prof. Mayer pointed out that, for a hospital, the keys to success consist of five aspects - excellent infrastructure, ‘premium medicine’, high international quality standards, process management and achieve international competitiveness. An essential part of process management is to create a corporate culture, which refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact.



The fundamentals of leadership are very important to creating a good corporate culture. The leadership of hospital management should be purposeful, inclusive, and lead the employees with influence as well as foster collaboration. To achieve this, a vision should be created that everyone shares. Then a work- philosophy should be defined. Everyone should act in concert and create trust. Communications create trust. Multiple forms of events and activities can be held internally and interdepartmentally for public and transparent communications, which enable the employees to know the current situation and plans in due time.



At the end of the lecture, Prof. Mayer summarized that cooperative work-philosophy guarantees excellent process management and that team building and corporate identity determine a hospital’s success.



The discussion was held and participated together by the three Hospital Presidents from both China and Germany, giving a perfect closure for the meeting.


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