Sino-German Global Live Surgery Webcast on Pediatric Orthopedics

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On August 13th, the Sino-German global live surgery on pediatric orthopedics were successfully held by the pediatric orthopedics department in Shantou University Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital and Dr. med. Benedikt Leidinger, the former president of German Varmanstein Orthopaedic Hospital. This webcast was equipped with simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English, attracting many Chinese colleagues to discuss about treatment standard and techniques together. It has received more that 53,900 views.

Click on the image to watch the live stream (double track simultaneous interpretation provided)


Before the webcast, the promoting video, receiving 1,096 thumb-up likes and 62 retweets, have made a good warm-up.


At the beginning, Prof. Jin Dadi, the chairman of SICOT China and the president of Shantou University Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital made an address introducing the hospital history and the progress and achievements in the fields of DDH and CP of Pediatric Orthopedics Department.


President Jin Dadi made an address

Prof. Li Xu, the Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics of Huaxin Hospital, hosted this conference and led this MIS pelvic osteotomy innovated by the whole team. During the live surgery, Prof. Li xu and his team performed and demonstrated the surgery perfectly.


"Pelvic osteotomy with small incision for children" is the original technique of the Huaxin Pediatric Orthopedics team. The surgical incision is only 3.5cm long. In this very "mini" incision, the complicated procedures such as, cleaning, joint capsule cutting and suture, pelvic osteotomy could be completed, which has to be performed under 10cm incision before and is the smallest incision reported in the literature so far. Small incision surgery not only has less blood loss during the operation, but also has small and beautiful postoperative scars. It helps to gain more satisfaction from the children patients and their parents.


Dr. Leidinger spoke highly of the advanced and careful techniques of Huaxin pediatric orthopedics team.

Dr. Mo Guoshu, the attending physician of Shantou University Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital pediatric orthopedics department, addressed a case report themed Assessment and treatment of DDH and CP hip subluxation. Through explaining two complex CP hip dislocation cases, he systematically introduced Huaxin’s advanced theory on treatment of CP hip dislocation.


Case report session- Dr. Mo Guoshu

In discussion session, Dr. Leidinger thanked Dr. Mo for his excellent presentation. He expressed that the shared cases are of great significance and fully demonstrate the hip joint problems of patients with cerebral palsy, and we must pay attention to them. Prevention of dislocation could prevent pain and loss of function. It is also essential to keep postoperative rehabilitation. Dr. Leidinger praised the effective treatment of hip dislocation of Huaxin Pediatric Orthopedics.

Then, Dr. Leidinger delivered a lecture titled Frontal, sagittal and torsional plane deformity correction of the lower limb during childhood and adolescence form perspectives of biomechanics, deformity analysis, correction plan and surgical plan, sharing his clinical experience for many years.


Take-home message of Dr. Leidinger

Varus valgus:

Observe if less than 10°between age 4-12

Use guided growth before growth arrest, not too early

Use single osteotomy and internal osteosynthesis or if more than 20°gradual correction

Antecurvation retrocurvation flexion contracture

Observe, protect ligaments with orthotics if necessary

Use guided growth for flexion contracture in CP

Use osteotomy in severe cases (either tibia or femur acc CORA)

Internal external rotation

Mainly observe between age 4-12

Treat with derotational osteotomy if patient falls etc

Complex cases with multiplanar deformity:

Deformity analysis

Individual treatment

Ligament reconstruction if necessary

Cerebral Plasy

Osseous reconstruction around the for functional improvement

of stand and gait

At the end of the meeting, Professor Li Xu delivered a summary and thanked Dr. Leidinger for his wonderful lecture. He hoped that there would be more opportunities for in-depth and extensive exchanges with the Dr. Leidinger’s team in the future. Meanwhile, Dr. Leidinger spoke very highly of Prof. Li Xu at the perfect completion of this MIS pelvic osteotomy. He also expressed that he hopes to enjoy more exchanges with Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopedic Hospital on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy hip.



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