He You International Hospital: To be a highly reliable hospital for residents of the Greater Bay Area

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He You International Hospital: To be a highly reliable hospital for residents of the Greater Bay Area


One of the goals to build a "Happy Foshan City" is to provide the public with high standard and inclusive medical resources. He You International Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "He You Hospital"), which is funded by Midea Group and is included in Guangdong Province 2021 Key Construction Project Plan, is being built in Beijiao town, Shunde district, Foshan city from November 13, 2020. The hospital will be a Grade III-A general hospital which is built in accordance with the highest standards of Chinese hospital and with the international quality certification system. It is expected to be put into operation in mid-2024.


The hospital is positioned as a non-profit hospital, and its future revenue will be used for its own development, medical research and for the welfare of the community. The hospital has planned to negotiate with the local government that the outpatient and inpatient services of the hospital should be included in medical insurance areas, allowing residents of Foshan City and even the Greater Bay Area to share a high level of medical services.


The hospital will adopt the concept of "energy-saving technology + health care" into its operation.


At the end of June this year, He You Hospital had started the piling work of its construction just after half a year when the construction ceremony started.


As planned, the He You Hospital project has gained a total investment of 10 billion CNY. It covers an area of 124,000 square meters and a main construction area of 380,000 square meters. It is planned the number of beds will reach to 1,500, and a greening rate to 30%. The first stage of the construction contains three major sections: medical complex, administrative office building and International Medical Center, with a total construction area of about 286,000 square meters; the second stage of the construction will contain functional buildings such as inpatient building, translational medicine center, academic exchange center, particle center, etc.

It is noteworthy that He You Hospital is designed according to international first-class standards, aiming to create a green and environmentally friendly urban garden hospital.


On the one hand, the design of the hospital highlights the importance of humanistic care and customer experience, creating a comfortable environment for patient. The hospital is designed in the north-south exposure, effectively utilizing natural light and ventilation. Through special designs such as the enclosed courtyard, sky garden and artistic outer corridor, the sunlight, air and greenery are smartly introduced into the internal of the hospital, transforming it into an urban garden landscape which will effectively reduce stress for patients and medical staff.


On the other hand, it is believed the hospital will be an internationally advanced green energy-saving hospital. "We use insulating glasses with low transmittance and low heat transfer coefficient, adjustable tensioned membrane and roof photometric sensors to achieve effective natural indoor lighting while ensuring comfortable indoor temperature; the automatic control system controls the number of open windows to achieve the chimney effect and finally realize natural ventilation by creating an interior microclimate; the photovoltaic/solar energy and curtain wall are also used together to maintain constant temperature and humidity in the hospital throughout the year." The leader of the preparatory team of He You Hospital introduced the hospital hardware facilities.


In addition, a high level of infectious disease prevention and nosocomial infection management are the top priority of the preparatory team: the infectious disease department of He You Hospital strictly adheres to the principle of "three zones and two channels" in its design, with clean, contaminated and semi-contaminated zones, independent medical staff and patient channels, laboratory systems and imaging tests systems. The emergency, urgent care and fever departments have set up separate zones for infected, suspected infected and non-infected patients. In addition to meeting the daily needs of receiving patients with infectious diseases, all these initiatives have strengthened the hospital's ability to operate safely and protect medical staff and patients from risks during the pandemic.


To build a particle center for better cancer treatment in the Greater Bay Area


To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). The He You Hospital has been actively allocating advanced medical resources according to the needs of residents.


For example, He You Hospital is planning to allocate 2 billion CNY to build a particle center for cancer treatment. "Particle therapy is one of the most cutting-edge radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Compared with traditional radiotherapy, particle therapy for treating certain kinds of tumors shows significant advantages such as shorter treatment course, less pain, better efficacy and fewer side effects. However, due to the high complexity of this technology and the huge one-time cost, there are few particle centers in China." The leader of the preparatory team of He You Hospital said that the launch of the particle center will greatly improve the level of cancer treatment in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even in South China. "In particular, tumors such as nasopharyngeal cancer are within the indications for particle therapy."


In addition to establish a particle center, He You Hospital will also prepare for the establishment of a Multidisciplinary Treatment Model (MDT), which means a multidisciplinary team will organize clinical multidisciplinary consultations and comprehensively evaluate patients, to reach a consensus on treatment and jointly provide patients with "one-stop" treatment services, avoiding the drawbacks of the traditional treatment model where each department only focuses on its own duties and only fights alone. The MDT ensures that the treatment plan for patients is more holistic, accurate, timely and effective.


"After taking into account the disease spectrum in the Greater Bay Area and market demand, the hospital will give priority to develop six Excellence Centers, including oncology center, cardiovascular medicine center, neurology center, geriatrics and rehabilitation center, joint surgery and sports medicine center, and women and children's center. " The hospital will provide patients with the most effective personalized medical treatment plan with the least side effects and the best quality of life based on MDT, according to the director of He You Hospital.


To design a "centralized outpatient service process" to offer the great convenience for patients


Apart from introducing of more professional and modern treatment technology, He You Hospital aims higher.


The He You Hospital will take advantage of informatization progresses to facilitate its improvement of medical service, and to promote “smart service”, which means the hospital will design an online hospital appointment register system to synchronize data where patients can make appointments anytime and anywhere(online or offline); the time of an appointment will be accurate to the minute to shorten the queuing time; patients could pay their hospital bill online without any waiting or paperwork; repeat patients could achieve their follow-up through the Internet hospital. The hospital hopes that through various innovative initiatives, patients can truly enjoy the great convenience with only one visit to the hospital.


In addition, He You Hospital will combine "Smart Healthcare" into its treatment process and space design, and advocate "centralized outpatient service process". In the outpatient area, patients’ waiting, triage and consultation are orderly realized; in the consultation area, payment, blood test and ECG test are all done quickly; doctors can simultaneously get patients’ test results through the hospital information system, and make diagnosis and decide treatment plans quickly; patients can check their test results synchronously on their cell phones. The Smart Healthcare does realize the concept of "patient-centered" through smart technologies.


While the preparatory work is progressing rapidly, Mei He Hospital, a subsidiary of He You International Hospital, is expected to open at the end of this year as an incubator for the project's operation.


"Mei He Hospital started its trial operation from the medical examination service two years ago and is now open for three types of services: medical examination, health management and specialist outpatient consultation." The director of the hospital said that the hospital also invited a number of well-known experts who have won honorary titles of "Ping An Good Doctor", "Famous Doctor in Lingnan Region" and "Nan Guo(the south) Good Doctor" to provide consultation services for the communities.


LIU Xiaofang, the president of He You Hospital, introduced that the hospital will head to be an  internationalized, digitalized, intellectualized and modernized hospital. It will create a highly comfortable medical environment for patients and introduce highly intelligent software, efficient operation system and high quality management system to ensure the efficiency of the hospital. At the same time, the hospital will recruit a team whose members are highly self-disciplined, willing to cooperate as a team and with a high level of diagnostic and treatment ability so that they will escort the health of the residents in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, providing the most effective and friendly humanistic health care services.


Nanfang Daily’s Review


A hospital full of "emotions of country" makes a perfect blend of being a high level and non-profit hospital.


A dream of building a hospital that has been waiting for many years can be fully supported by Shunde District, where He You International Hospital is located. It is not only because it is a big investment of 10 billion CNY by a well-known local entrepreneur, but also because of the hospital’s position as a high level and non-profit hospital.


Since the founder of the Media Group and the honorary chairman of He Foundation has retired from the Midea Group, he gradually has invested 12 billion CNY to build a modern, international philanthropy system, which carries a moral of "To Pursue the Superb Skill and Sincerity, To Protect the Life of People", and He You International Hospital is the latest project of He Foundation.

To alleviate the "difficult to see a doctor” for the people, HE Xiangjian came up with the idea of building a hospital six years ago. Although it was a very challenging and difficult initiative, HE Xiangjian, after thorough considerations, still determined to overcome all difficulties and build a hospital for the benefit of the local people.


In 2019, the Party members of Shunde district listed the construction of He You International Hospital as a key project, and set up a special team to help the preparatory team. Finally, the hospital isn’t just an idea on paper, but becomes a reality. In the future, He You Hospital will cooperate with other institutions to build a health care consortia, covering an overall life-cycle support from childbirth care, diseases treatment to hospice care.


"The future revenue of He You Hospital will be used for its own development, medical research and for the welfare of the community, but not for the investors." LIU Xiaofang, President of He You Hospital, introduced that the hospital is non-profit in nature.


"Medical care is the most basic need of every person, so the hospital will also be open to all people and provide inclusive services of high quality." LIU Xiaofang said that in the future, apart from serving the people of Shunde district, the hospital also hopes to expand its service areas to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even to further regions.


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