Intensified Academic Exchanges Promote Mutual Development- Sino-German Global Webcast on Trauma Surgery at Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital

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Sino-German Global Webcast on Trauma Surgery kicked off at 8 a.m., German time on November 10th at Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital, with two parallel venues at Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital and Guangzhou First People’s Hospital.



The webcast was chaired and moderated by Prof. WANG Man-yi, the former Chairman of AO/ASIF Asia Pacific Board, in whose opening speech he showed warm welcome and greetings to the colleagues online and on site, to Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Stoeckle, the Managing Director of Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery, Charité University Medicine Berlin and the President of AO Trauma Germany, to Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Lehmann, the Chairman of Department of Trauma Surgery,Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery, University Medical Center of Goettingen and Chairman of European Pelvic Course, and to Prof. Dr. med. Fabian M. Stuby, the Medical Director of BG Trauma Center Murnau and Member of AO Trauma Executive Committee Advisory Board. Afterward, Prof. Wang introduced the presenting panel, the current situation as well as the vision of Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital. He also emphasized that this would be the most important meeting for the exchanges between trauma surgeons in China and Germany 2020 and envisioned to reached mutual development through academic exchanges.

图片关键词Prof. WANG Man-yi

The topics covered clinical experience and German social accident insurance system,focusing on periprosthetic acetabular fracture, delayed pelvic fracture,injuries of posterior pelvic ring and geriatric hip fractures.


In his talk about how to treat periprosthetic acetabular fracture, Prof. Stoeckle introduced the classification, diagnostics, aim of treatment of it, emphasizing the importance of CT and evaluation of cup stability and so on.



Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Stoeckle

Prof. WU Xin-bao, the Vice President of Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital, Executive Deputy Chairman of Beijing Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Chairman of AO Trauma China gave a talk on Application of 3D Printing in the Treatment of Old Acetabular and Pelvic Injury. According to Prof. Wu, the aim of treatment is to restore the stability of pelvic ring, and different treatment strategies shouldbe taken when facing nonunion and malunion. He attached great importance to detailed preoperative planning and introduced 5 advantages of 3D printing in treating old acetabular and pelvic injury. He also emphasized the importance of the evaluation of pain, gait, imaging and mental health as well as sufficient communication with patients, their family members and anesthesiologists.


Prof. WU Xin-bao

Prof. Lehmann illustrated the classification and treatment strategy of injuries of posterior pelvic ring with focus on the indications, key and notes of options for stabilization including anterior plating, IS screw osteosynthesis and lumbopelvic fixation and so on.

图片关键词Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Lehmann

Prof. YANG Ming-hui, Assistant of Chairman, Dept. of Orthopedic Trauma, Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital and General Secretary of Fragility Fracture Network China gave a talk on Orthogeriatric Comanagement of Geriatric Hip Fractures in China.By introducing the experience and pathway of treating geriatric hip fractures and procedures in orthogeriatric wards at Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital, Prof. Yang summarized that the comanagement pattern shortens the waiting time and hospitalization time as well as promotes perioperative safety. He also analyzed and made some comments on the current situation of treatment of geriatric hip fractures in China.

图片关键词Prof. YANG Ming-hui

Prof. Stuby elaborated the trauma network and German social accident insurance system within his talk titled The German Social Accident Insurance system- a unique system of prevention, rehabilitation and compensation, giving us insights and bringing us to reflect on how to build up a highly efficient and profound system in China regarding liabilities, compensation, treatment, rehabilitation and so on.

图片关键词 Prof. Dr. med. Fabian M. Stuby

After each talk, the audience on site and the speakers had heated discussion regarding the topics. During his closing remarks, Prof. WANG Man-yi expressed his gratitude to international faculty for sharing their experience during the pandemic and wished to build up a friendship connection with German surgeons.

At this webcast, the colleagues at Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital had thorough discussion and exchanges with three certified transregional trauma centers in Germany, which provided directions for closer collaboration in the future. The webcast enabled us to get a basic knowledge of international medical centers and at the same time presented Beijing JiShuiTan Hospital’s techniques and strength.



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