The COVID-19 has Become a Worldwide Pandemic , How Did China Get It under Control?

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Recently, an English video clip named We Are All Fighters went extremely popular on the Internet. The most touching point of it is the unadorned but powerful reading. Liujie, a Straight-A student from Shenzhen said, she would like to express the faith and hope to all the people who are suffering from the novel Coronavirus by her effort, and, let the whole world hear the voice of unyielding spirit and determination to win from China.

Two sets of most shared data lately

   As of March 4th, the number of cumulative cured cases in China is over 50,000.


  Another one is the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus from other countries losing control.


Thanks to the prevention and control from all of us, the first ray of the sun finally comes

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, 1.4 billion Chinese have been standing together to confront with the virus, and eventually, the good news is heard gradually.


As of 8 o’clock on March 6th, there is not any single newly confirmed case in 26 provinces. 



On March 5th, the newly confirmed cases are 126 in Hubei Province, which are all confirmed in the City of Wuhan without any new case in other cities. No imported cases aboard were confirmed.


Academician Nanshan Zhong,“It is strongly believed that we could control the epidemic at the end of April.”


Leader of Senior Expert Group at National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the Director of National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease, Academician Nanshan Zhong predicted, according to the model, it is strongly believed that China could control the epidemic at the end of April.



Boli Zhang: It is quite hopeful for Wuhan City to clear the new confirmed cases at the end of March


Boli Zhang, a member of the Expert Group of the Central Steering Group, when being interviewed by People’s Daily, said:


Except for Hubei Province, the newly confirmed case number in China is almost “zero” at the end of February;

Except for Wuhan City, the newly confirmed case number in Hubei Province may come to “zero” in the middle of March.

It is quite hopeful for Wuhan City to clear the newly confirmed cases at the end of March.



We are all under the same sky, nobody can can manage alone or stand aloof.

The Director-Generalof WHO once said that with the help of China, the world then gains its own time to deal with the novel Coronavirus.

In fact, China did sacrifice a lot, whether time or money even much more in the epidemic.

As of March 6th, Chinese have already lost 3,045 compatriots.

China shut down its industries and paid for the beyond count cost to overcome this epidemic.

42,000 professional medical personnel from all over the country were sent to backup Wuhan City, including 28,600 nurses accounting for 68% of the medical team.


In 10 sleepless nights, designated hospitals for infectious diseases such as Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital were built.


Many stadiums in Wuhan were transformed into makeshift hospitals and put into service overnight.



At the same time, China adopted strict measurement of prevention and control including locking Wuhan down to halt the spread of the novel Coronavirus.



The spread of the novel Coronavirus is directly stopped by the unity and confrontation towards the epidemic of 1.4 billion Chinese people, their effort contributed a lot to the career of public health for the whole world.

China tried its best to halt the spread of the novel Coronavirus with its 1.4 billion people, who sacrificed a lot to make contributions to the world health system.


However, it seems that the other countries underestimated the severity of the novel Coronavirus, leading to their insufficient preparation during this period of time.


Frankly speaking, the solution of China which has been proved by numerous fact, currently, is the only successful way.


Tedros Adhanom, the Director-Generalof WHO pointed out that the powerful and effective solution employed by China slowered the spread of the epidemic in their country even for other countries, which could be the new standard to be referenced by the world.


During this epidemic, China is always in the front line of confrontation with the novel Coronavirus. The contribution to public health made by China was highly recognized and appreciated by the whole world. Meanwhile, China brought time and provided the Chinese characteristic solution as a reference for other countries.


It is this outbreak of epidemic stated a fact that under the globalization, all of the countries are in the same unity and none of us could be manage alone.


Right at this moment, we have no other choices but stand together to confront the novel Coronavirus.

We believe, the epidemic will retreat, but not the love.


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