Practicing and understanding, going ahead hand in hand - the 15th International Forum on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (the 15th IFOSMA) came to a successful end

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Congress Review

The pearl of the Yellow Sea side, the classic of hundred countries' architecture, the famous city with beer fragrance, the great land of opening to the outside world - Qingdao.

On July 1st, 2018, "the 15th International Forum on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (the 15th IFOSMA) and the 1st Belt and Road International Cooperation Meeting on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy" came to a successful end in Qingdao, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

The conference invited 39 internationally renowned experts from 20 countries and regions along the Belt and Road and nearly 100 Chinese top scholars to conduct academic exchanges and complicated case sharing through topic reports, conference speeches, discussions and other interactions, attracting more than 1,000 orthopedists at home and abroad to the grand event, which could be described as unprecedented.


IFOSMA has been successfully held for 15 years and has become an important platform and window for orthopedic sports medicine and international communication in China.

The conference president, the Chair-elect of the Chinese Medical Association Sports Medical Section, and the Director of Sports Medicine of Huashan Hospital Fudan University, Professor Shiyi Chen said in the speech that after 15 years of IFOSMA, Chinese sports medicine has developed rapidly and reached the international frontier level, which is the result of the unremitting efforts of sports medicine people.


Speech by Professor Shiyi Chen

Professor Shiyi Chen, the leader of China's sports medicine and co-chair of the ISAKOS International Conference, has been working for many years to  promote Chinese sports medicine to the international stage. The aim of this Belt and Road International Cooperation Meeting on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy is to unite the countries of the Belt and Road and promote the Sino-foreign cooperation, strengthening speciality construction with the concept of "peaceful development, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit". This is also the purpose of the 15th IFOSMA.


The time goes back to 2002, when a group of experts from the International Federation of Sports Medicine visited China for exchange. At that time, Professor Shiyi Chen was responsible for the reception work.

It was such an occasion that opened the corner of the Chinese sports medicine's screen and let the light shine in.

At that time, Chinese sports medicine was in the early stage of development. Neither scientific research nor technical level could be compared with international standards. There are very few Chinese sports medicine organizations that could hold international conferences.

Professor Chen resolutely hosted the Shanghai International Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Forum, the first international forum for sports medicine, which is the predecessor of IFOSMA.

The successful convening of the international forum has made IFOSMA stand out in the Chinese sports medicine. However, the progress of the matter is always difficult and not satisfactory. It is even more difficult and took longer to promote the development of the discipline.

Until 2008. In 2008, IFOSMA was in full swing. From 2003 to 2008, during the five years of accumulation, Professor Chen led the orthopedic surgeons of the Sports Medicine of Huashan Hospital to keep working, and they held courses and exchanged academically with Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), New York Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), and University of Pittsburgh (PITT) and other international top hospitals and schools. It is the cooperation experience with these international organizations and schools helped to bring about the first cooperation between IFOSMA, ISAKOS and the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA).

At one time, economic, scientific research, manpower, and education resources came in great numbers, which laid a solid foundation for further broadening of the internationalization of IFOSMA.


Medical Director of Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Prof. Markus Walther


International Guest Representative

Today, IFOSMA has been successfully held for 15 sessions.

Over 500 top sports medicine lecturers from 45 countries and regions and 15,000 Chinese orthopedic sports medicine doctors attended the congress. It has already become an important window for Chinese sports medicine and international exchanges and the benchmark of China's sports medicine congresses.

Today, IFOSMA has affected the entire world of sports medicine and has impressed international friends!



International Lecture

On this forum, lectures and case discussions on the hot topics and difficulties cases related to sports medicine and arthroscopy were carried out.

The academic content includes the latest research in sports medicine and arthroscopy, surgical techniques, rehabilitation concepts, classic cases, etc., including not only the latest advances, but also a large number of practice related technical exchanges.

Experts and scholars from different countries and regions shared their clinical comprehensive experience in pre-operative indications, intraoperative operations, and patient prognosis with participants.

Under the guidance of experts, the latest developments, concepts and directions in the field of sports medicine have been displayed in an all-round way, so that young doctors could receive guidance and support from the top scholars in the academic circles.



Chinese and foreign experts

Academic content includes 3 sessions, involving ACL injury and reconstruction, meniscus injury and repair, knee ligament injury, rotator cuff injury and massive rotator cuff tear, shoulder instability, multi-directional instability and SLAP, ankle arthroscopy and ankle sports medicine, the lecturers focused on the hot research, surgical operation, prognosis and rehabilitation of sports medicine and arthroscopy, and the students are most concerned about the latest developments, concepts and disciplines. The conference also invited experts in step-wise knee treatment, who introduced unicompartmental knee arthroplasty and knee osteotomy on the meeting, bringing new clinical ideas for the treatment of knee arthritis.


Sports Medicine Belt and Road Alliance Launch Ceremony

The core mission of the Belt and Road International Cooperation advocated by this conference is "CARE".

CARE, Co-operation, Advancement, Research, and Education, aims to strengthen regional exchanges and integrate inter-regional resources.

This is not only the cooperation between individuals and groups, but also the cooperation and exchanges between the regions and countries in medical, cultural, economic and educational fields.

Chinese sports medicine should bear the "WE CARE" mission in mind, keep the principle of "going out", increase cooperation with the international community, and promote the further development of China's orthopedics.


29 representatives from 18 countries and regions signed the "Qingdao Declaration"

The Qingdao Declaration brings more than personal and inter-institutional cooperation in sports medicine and orthopedics. It is also a medical, scientific, economic, and political exchange and cooperation between societies, regions, and countries.

Through the full range of CARE, we will converge talents, funds, information, techniques and other resources to establish interdisciplinary and international academic relationships and promote common progress and development in basic research, clinical techniques and telemedicine.


In the 21st century, in the new era with the theme of peace, development, cooperation and win-win, China's sports medicine, under the leadership of Professor Shiyi Chen, inherits and promotes the spirit of the Silk Road, and sets up a bridge for communication between Chinese and world's sports medicine through this conference. We will unite and march forward sincerely, and we believe that the future of Chinese sports medicine will be more brilliant.

The gathering is short, the meeting time is limited, but the academic and communication is unlimited. After this event, we believe that everyone expects more. We will meet on The 1st Sino-Euro International Orthopedics Summit 2018 in Guangzhou on September 8th, please join us to enjoy the academic feast.

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