Beijing Stop of International Foot and Ankle Master’s Academic Trip

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On January 27th, 1918, the Beijing Central Hospital, the first comprehensive hospital built and managed by the Chinese themselves, was officially opened. The history of Peking University People's Hospital began here.

Today, 100 years later, international foot and ankle master Markus Walther walked into the Department of Traumatic Orthopaedics of Peking University People's Hospital and carried out a unique Sino-German academic salon.


In this academic salon, the topic brought by prof. Markus is "Management of OCD in the Talus Current trends in Europe". The meeting was hosted by Director Hailin Xu (Chief Surgeon, Department of Traumatic Orthopedics, Peking University People's Hospital), and Dr. Hao Lu translated on the meeting.


The picture on the left is Professor Hailin Xu, and the picture on the right is Dr. Hao Lu.


Topic of Prof. Walther's lecture is Management of "OCD in the Talus Current trends in Europe"


Seriousness is a kind of charm.


Serious. Don't miss every key factor.

Foot and ankle surgery is a new speciality in China. Peking University People's Hospital, as the institution with the chairman of the committee, they introduced relevant technology early and have rich experience in hallux valgus, heel pain, Achilles tendon rupture, recurrent ankle sprain, ankle fracture, ligament injury, pain and correction in the advanced stage of foot and ankle diseases, especially in related minimally invasive treatment. The academic guidance brought by Professor Walther is very important. Professor Xu said that the exchange has benefited a lot.

Questions and interaction

Such small and medium-sized academic conferences have international, authoritative, highly knowledgeable and highly interactive advantages. Interaction between international experts and participants, one-on-one communication, questioning and answering, more intercommunication give more expressions and more possibilities such as drawing and on-site demonstration experiments.


Prof. Walther listened to doctors' questions carefully.

Case sharing time


For difficult cases, Professor Hailin Xu and Professor Walther exchanged patient's imaging examinations.


Drawing is an effective expressing method.

The drawer test, also known as the push-pull test, is a common method for examining the anterior cruciate ligament injury. When Professor Xu asked Professor Walther, how the German drawer test is performed, Prof. Walther showed it to everyone on the meeting.


Professor Markus demonstrates the drawer test.

Ward Round


Prof. Xu introduced Prof. Walther the 97-year-old patient with bound feet.

Every Monday is the surgery day of the Orthopaedics Department of Peking University People's Hospital, and also the discharge day of recovered patients.

Introduction of Peking University People's Hospital's Orthopedics Department


Prof. Xu introduced Traumatic Orthopedics Department to Prof. Walther

The Peking University People's Hospital's Traumatic Orthopaedics is a complete speciality integrating ward, emergency department, outpatient department and research labor. It is now a doctor station of Peking University, a national key speciality of the Ministry of Education's Project 211, a national specialty department of the Ministry of Health (Orthopedics), vice chairman institution of orthopedics section of the Chinese Medical Association, chairman institution of the Beijing Medical Association's orthopedics section, etc.; the main medical work includes diagnosis and treatment of limbs and Periarticular fracture (shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle surgery), restoration of peripheral nerve injury, spine and spinal cord injury. etc.

From this year, Professor Walther will serve as an international visiting professor at Peking University People's Hospital. Every year, he will go to the hospital for a one-week academic exchange. Professor Markus is also the eleventh visiting professor at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the hospital. We believe that Professor Walther's joining will help Peking University People's Hospital building a competitive orthopedic department to provide people with better medical services.


Group photo of Prof. Walther and doctors

Expert Introduction

图片关键词 Walther

·Head of the Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Schön Klinik München Harlaching since 2005

·Medical Director of Schön Klinik München Harlaching and FIFA Medical Centre Munich since 2012

His current scientific work focuses on biomechanics, traumatology and reconstructive surgery of foot and ankle, as well as minimal invasive surgery. He has a special focus on sports injury and cartilage reconstruction. He provides consulting service for many famous athletes. He is Professor for Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany and is ranked as one of the top foot and ankle specialist in the country.

·Board Member of the GFFC (Germany Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery) since 2008

·President of the GFFC (Germany Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery) since 2012

·Member of the medical team of the premiere league soccer team FC Bayern Munich since 2015

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