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His innumerable great achievements are just like glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn. In the medical field of orthopedics, he is eager for technology, dedicates himself to the patient and stands fast to the medical ethics.

He has taken scalpel for 27 years and performed countless orthopedic operations, showing his exquisite skills with every cut and every blade and writing the praises of life with persistence and benevolence again and again.

He is director of the second orthopedics department of The People’s Hospital of Jiangmen, Director Yizhong Lin.


1. Choosing Orthopedics, Never Think Of Giving Up For 27 Years

Director Yizhong Lin graduated from Zhongshan Medical University in 1991. After graduation, he worked at The People's Hospital of Jiangmen. Compared with the "short and fast" general surgery, orthopedic surgery requires great attention and refining work, sometimes the complete performance of a surgery takes several hours, therefore, many doctors are less willing to choose orthopedics. When Professor Yizhong Lin was asked about why did he choose orthopedics, he smiled and said: At first, for personality reasons, he chose surgery. First, he chose orthopedics because he liked and loved this field and specialty. Second, the hospital just lacked orthopedic surgeons at that time. Thus, he has been working in orthopedics for 27 years!

As the aging of the society appears and intensifies, the demand for orthopedic surgeons is growing. In this case, Director Lin has strengthened the believe in his choice. In order to improve professional skills, in 2000, he was appointed by the hospital to study in the Orthopaedics Department of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine. He studied assiduously and learned from the supervisor, the joint surgeon Dr. Kerong Dai, who is famous in China and abroad. He specializes in trauma first aid, limb fractures, lumbar disc herniation, joint replacement and arthroscopic surgery.


2. Excellent Skilled And Never Refuse Patients

If the body's 206 bones are a rich reading note, then orthopedic surgeons’ work is to correct the typos, giving patient a wonderful life chapter.

Director Lin has one outpatient clinic day every week, and every outpatient clinic day will be full of appointments, and extra appointments will be added. However, Director Lin said that except for the outpatient time, as long as he does not have surgery, when patients come to him, he will definitely give reception. It is common for old patients to go to the ward directly. As long as he has a little time, he will help patients solve the problem, many patients became his friends finally. He will never drive any patient away. Moreover, there are increasingly more elderly patients at the hospital, and the elderly have generally more basic diseases, and the knowledge requirements for doctors will be much richer. He "never drives patients away", which is thanks not only to his benevolent heart for the patient, but also to his superb professional skills.

3. Day After Day, Never Take An Annual Leave

As the saying goes: "Rest for one hundred days after injury." No matter the injury is in muscle or in bone, it is a very serious traumatic strike for the patient. It is especially important for patients to be treated at the best time. Missing the best treatment time will have a critical impact on the healing and recovery of the patient's disease. It is also his persistence that saved countless patients who are suffering pain and despair again and again. In primary hospitals, medical requirements for doctors are higher. Director Lin has devoted more energy and experience to surgery on the spine, joints and trauma of elderly. Director Lin said that the growth of doctors is a very difficult process. It is a process with accumulations for many years, as well as the development of the times and technological innovation. In the past, an ordinary fracture surgery would be performed for 3 hours, and the medical instruments were hand-drilled. For one hour, just a small steel plate could be made, now it is different. With the maturity of technology development, more and more high-tech equipment is used, which also reduces the physical and time cost of doctors.

The reporter learned in the interview that because the geographical location of Jiangmen People's Hospital is mostly elderly and geriatric diseases, Director Lin joked to us that patients under the age of 60 are young people. There are many elderly patients and their situations are complicated, so doctors are often very busy. In order to provide patients with treatment at the best time, helping them to get rid of pain in time, Director Lin and young doctors in the department use professional technology to help each patient.

On September 16th and 17th, because of the arrival of Typhoon Mangkhut, the Guangdong Provincial Three Defense Command upgraded the wind emergency response to Class I. During the Class I emergency response period, the city has implemented shutdown in working places, schools, transportation, markets and industries. In such a crisis moment, except for rescue workers, only medical personnel are still working normally. Except for the hospital duty staff on that day, the two-shift medical staff should also be in place. "On the same day, the canteen was caught off guard. Why so may people?" there was no take-out, the canteen was in short supply, and there was no corresponding preparation for enough meals, "It was really a  bad day."

Director Lin showed us the duty schedule, "Ten years ago, the duty schedule was like this. It will be the same after five years. In the case of no change of personnel, the duty schedule will be like this." Not only Director Lin, none of other doctors of the department has taken annual leave. Director Lin has never taken annual leave in his work for 27 years.


4. Always To Be The First, Never Refuse Progress

From September 11th to 14th, Professor Daniel Rosenthal, International Spine Master and Director of the Spinal Surgery Center of Bad Homburg Hospital, Germany, was invited to visit The People's Hospital of Jiangmen. During the visit, Mr. Lin led the medical staff of the Orthopedics Department of The People's Hospital of Jiangmen and Professor Rosenthal to make academic exchange activities such as PELD minimally invasive surgery, difficult spinal surgery, academic lectures and case discussions. Director Lin said that from the previous doubts to the harvest after the end of the exchange, the arrival of Professor Rosenthal brought quite rich benefits.

“During the academic exchanges with Professor Rosenthal, what I gained is real harvest. First, he is foreign member of professional associations in many countries around the world, as well as the former president of The German Spine Society and has great achievement in thoracoscopic spine surgery. He is highly skilled and has wide vision. In addition to the rigorous attitude, he brought us some other ideas. What is different from that in China is the concept of minimally invasive, which means small damage and small incision. The different concept brought by the professor is to minimize nerve damage and perform surgery under the microscope, which guides the new direction of our hospital's future surgery."

The second concept is that Professor Rosenthal is truly patient-oriented. The Treatment principle for patients is that surgery should be the last choice. If surgery is necessary, try to make the operation small. Never make the operation big and use the smallest method (surgery). Where there is problem, solve the problem there. And always consider the financial conditions of the patient, use the cheaper (method/material) when it is possible .

The third concept is that never be a picture doctor, never perform surgery only by looking at picture (examination), find out the cause of the symptoms, and never perform preventive surgery.

Director Lin introduced that Professor Daniel Rosenthal's China trip has given a shot in the arm to the development of hospital, so that the hospital could improve the orthopedic diagnosis and treatment technology and  make a new step of the construction of orthopedics.


I revisited old place in commemoration of Mr. Li, which brought tear to my eyes.

Saving people and revitalizing the nation.

Material civilization could be pursued, and spiritual virtues are always sought.

Arduous Work For The Selfless Dedication

There are hundreds of industries, and every industry has its master as well as its own hard time in it. Especially through contacting the doctors, we have a deeper understanding of this profession. White coats, masks, scalpels, in addition to these figurative objects, they still have all-day high-tension nerves and professional knowledge which needs to be recharged at all times, and are always ready to be on call. Saving the wounded and dying people is a kind of affirmation and praise, but the effort behind it is the hard work that we cannot imagine. We pay a tribute to Director Lin and all the members of the department, who are white-coat-warriors always being ready to save people and perform their duty.


The Orthopaedics Department of The People's Hospital of Jiangmen is one of the first clinical key specialties of Jiangmen City. It has won one second and three third prizes of Jiangmen Science and Technology Progress Award. After years of development. It has 19 persons with senior and intermediate titles. Known for its strong technical strength, advanced equipment and excellent service quality, the department is well equipped with American Smith-Nephew arthroscopy, German Siemens C-arm X-ray machine, German CIEZ surgical microscope, Harley vascular ultrasound Doppler, Japanese NSK surgical power system (electric grinder saw), Swiss SYNTHES Advanced equipment such as power drills, multi-functional orthopedic operating beds and the latest orthopedic surgical instruments. In the trauma orthopedics, spinal surgery, joint surgery, correction surgery, bone disease, bone tumors, pediatric orthopedics, hand surgery, foot surgery and microsurgery, the diagnosis and treatment of injuries have good clinical results. The department has performed difficult and new operations such as AO internal fixation which is popular at home and abroad, interlocking intramedullary nailing, pelvic and acetabular fracture reconstruction plate internal fixation, multiple limb fracture simultaneous reduction and internal fixation, knee arthroscopic cruciate ligament reconstruction, advanced hip fracture reduction and internal fixation, replantation of severed limbs, reconstruction of thumb and finger with free toe transplantation, microscopic repair of the vascular nerve injury of the extremities, etc., artificial total hip, total knee, total shoulder joint replacement and revision surgery, tumor-type knee arthroplasty, various limb malformation correction, spinal fractures and spinal cord injury with anterior and posterior approach decompression and internal fixation, spinal deformity correction, severe cervical spondylosis with anterior and posterior approach decompression and fixation, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal or intraspinal tumor resection, spinal tuberculosis first-stage bone graft fusion, and spinal vertebroplasty were performed as well. In recent years, new techniques using vacuum-tight drainage have cured a large number of patients with refractory ulcers, bone and soft tissue infections, and saved many patients facing amputations.

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