Review: Hundred Year Relationship, Sino-German Academic Communication in the Red Mansion

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Dongguan People’s Hospital was firstly built in Qing Dynasty (AD 1888). The predecessor of it was Chinese Christian and Rhenish Hospital, which was established by Basel Evangelical Missionary Society and which was one of the earliest western hospitals. The hospital was built with red walls and green roofs in western style so that the natives called it “Red Mansions Hospital” and this name has lasted to today.

In 2019, Werner Eduard Siebert, a German professor, comes to Dongguan People’s Hospital for academic communication to continue the relationship between China and Germany.

Introduction of Experts


Werner Eduard Siebert

President of Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel

/Director of Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction Department

Under Prof. Siebert leadership, Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel has been the largest arthroplasty center in Germany. As an international famous professor of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, Prof. Siebert participated in the education and training of Marburg University which was for young doctors. Prof. Siebert has ranked in “The Most Famous Hip and Knee Surgeons in Germany” of “FOCUS” for 8 consecutive years.


President of the European Hip Society (EHS) 2014-2016

lPresident Elect of the German Knee Society (DKG) 2017

lPresident Elect of the German Orthopaedic Society (DGOOC) and President Elect of the Congress of German Orthopaedic and Trauma Society (DKOU) 2018

lEditor in Chief of the German Orthopedic Journal “OUP”

Unveiling Ceremony and Welcome Ceremony

March 11th, 2019

In the morning, Prof. Siebert, an international famous master of joint, came to Dongguan People’s Hospital to begin his work as an international visiting professor for a week.


Limin Cai, Deputy Party Secretary and President of Dongguan People’s Hospital; Zhongjia He, Vice President of Dongguan People’s Hospital; Xianyin Liu, Leader of orthopedics; Xueming Zhou, Director of Orthopedic Department; Shizhen Liu, Director of The First Session of Orthopedics Department, Dongguan People’s Hospital Wanjiang District; Songbo Liu, Director of The First Session of Orthopedics Department, Dongguan People’s Hospital Wanjiang District; Jianen Guo, Director of Orthopedic Department, Dongguan People’s Hospital Puji District, etc. held a welcome ceremony for Prof. Siebert. After that, they introduced  Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel and Dongguan People’s Hospital respectively to each other in detail.


After that, Prof. Siebert and the representatives of Dongguan People’s Hospital unveiled the plaque of Sino-German Joint Communication Centre together. The establishment of Sino-German Joint Communication Centre symbolized a beginning of joint communication of these two hospitals. In the future, there will be more and more international top masters to Dongguan People’s Hospital to do academic communication.


After the unveiling ceremony, President Cai introduced to help us learn further about the history of Dongguan People’s Hospital. In addition, Prof. Siebert visited the Orthopedic Department and Radiology Department.


Prof. Siebert said although he stayed here for a short time, he would try his best to bring Dongguan People’s Hospital new knowledge.

Outpatient Clinic

March 12th, 2019

On March 12th, Prof. Siebert went to outpatient clinic with Xueming Zhou, Director of Orthopedic Department in Dongguan People’s Hospital, helping patients solve their problems.


From morning to afternoon, Prof. Siebert and Director Zhou gave diagnosis to more than 30 patients. Some of the patients knew Prof. Siebert’s coming, so they came to Dongguan People’s Hospital on purpose for the diagnosis by Prof. Siebert.

In the morning, a special patient appeared at the Outpatient Department. She was a teacher before retirement. Unfortunately, she got Parkinson’s syndrome, with troubles of amyotrophy. However, though she had been transferred to different hospitals, there was still no solution for her. In a short time, Prof. Siebert proposed relative solutions for her.


Prof. Siebert’s excellent medical skills had acquired the recognition of the patient and her families, who said “It was a valuable opportunity for me to get the diagnosis of an international master. The visit of Prof. Siebert has showed the principle of Dongguan People’s Hospital------patient is the first. I hope the hospital can continue to organize such relative activities which benefit the people in the future.” Director Zhou thought that doing outpatient clinic with Prof. Siebert helped him acquire a lot and he learned a lot of new concept and new methods of medical treatment from Prof. Siebert.

Surgical guidance

March 12th, 2019

Prof. Siebert demonstrated orthopedic surgeries at Dongguan People’s Hospital. The first operation was TKA surgery whose primary surgeon was Director Zhou while Prof. Siebert instructed beside. Before the surgery, Prof. Siebert discussed some problems in detail including what kind of approach would be used, how much fat pad should be removed, etc..He explained what should be taken care of during the surgery. In the process of operation, Prof. Siebert helped doctors performed osteotomy and reminded them that they must protect patient’s interior ligament. In addition, Prof. Siebert taught them a new skill of hemostasis. The whole process of the surgery was very successful.


Through the procedure, Prof. SIebert made further communication with orthopedics doctors of Dongguan People’s Hospital. Both of them broke through the limit of language and country boarder. From theories to practices, they learn the succefful experience from each other.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery as a Primary Surgoen

March 14th , 2019

On March 14th , as the primary surgeon, Prof. Siebert completed a THR surgery, whose patient was a 79 years old female. Prof Siebert applied anterior approach. As the first surgery, the THR surgery was very successful.


For watching Prof. Siebert’s medical skills, more than 10 doctors encircled beside the operation bed and studied. Doctors who participated in the surgery, gave exclamations that how fast and fluent the surgery was. They said they had acquired a lot of advanced knowledge and gained a lot.


As an international joint master, Prof. Siebert at least does 600 joint surgeries every year. In the most crazy period, he made an amazing record of 1,200 joint surgeries in a year. Apart from doing surgeries at Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel, Prof. Siebert has done surgeries for many celebrities and politicians from all over the world.


Signing Framework Agreement of Friendly Hospital Cooperation

March 15th, 2019

In the afternoon of March 15th, Prof. Siebert attended the Conclusion Meeting as a visiting professor. After that, President Cai of Dongguan People’s Hospital and Prof. Siebert of Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel signed the Framework Agreement of Friendly Hospital Cooperation together. In the future, these two hospitals will organize a series of cooperation in clinic, talents, scientific researches and management. Our company will further strengthen the cooperation between Chinese hospitals and European hospitals. Gloryren Orthopedics will be the introducer of orthopedics international diagnosis and treatment standard in China.


At the meeting, Prof. Siebert said he hoped his arrival could make some contributions to Dongguan People’s Hospital. In the meanwhile, he said he was fond of the city of Dongguan.

International Open lectures

March 16th , 2019

In the morning of March 16th, Prof. Siebert, an international joint master, gave an international open lecture. For watching the master’s medical skills, about 100 people came to study. In the class, Prof. Siebert shared some cases on infections of artificial joints and the treatment of that. He also shared his experience on the application of short stem implants in replacement.


Prof. Siebert said, “In 1891, the first TKA surgery was completed at Themistosicles Gluck in Germany. It has been 129 years for Germany to do TKA surgery. There will be some microbiologists, pathologists and orthopedics experts coming to Vitos Orthopedic Center Kassel for meetings every week. They will discuss cases together. We have a full set of standard management in a brief way so that patients will not be infected by 100%.”

Prof. Siebert: Doctors are not artisans.


In the opinion of Prof. Siebert, doctors are neither artisans nor medical machines. The so-called doctor should be the existence of a life-saving ambulance. This view coincides with the views of doctors from the Dongguan People's Hospital. During the week, from academics to technology, from technology to management, both sides broke through the barriers of language and conducted a real exchange.

Director Xueming Zhou: Prof. Siebert has patience and excellent medical skill


In the opinion of Xueming Zhou, Director of Dongguan People’s Hospital, Prof. Siebert is a patient and proficient doctor. No matter in outpatient clinic, daily ward rounds or case discussions, Prof. Siebert kept his patience and enthusiasm. In addition, while shared valuable skills, Prof. Siebert shared his management experience.

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