Prof. Dr. Michael J. Raschke,Director of the Clinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

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Clinical Focus:

• Polytrauma care

• Fracture and post-traumatic arthroplasty

• Sports traumatology

• Pelvic and acetabular fractures

• Navigation and intraoperative 3D imaging

• Spine surgery

• Geriatric traumatology

Work Experience:

• Since 2003: Director of the Clinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Clinic Münster (UKM)

• 1999-2003: Senior Consultant at the Clinic for Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the Charité - University Medicine Berlin

• 1994-1999: Responsible Head of the Biomechanics and Histomorphological Bone Laboratory of the Department for Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery in the Biomedical Research Center at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin


• FOCUS List of TOP DOCTORS in “Traumatology”

• 2013: AO-Foundation: TK Innovation Prize, Davos

“Outstanding Contributions in the Development of the ProTect Nail”

• 2009: Karl Storz Innovation Award Telemedicine 2009
University Hospital Münster, Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Project TEAM TNNW - Telematic in Acute Medicine in Traumanetwork NorthWest

• 2000: Hans Liniger Prize of the DGU
Awarded at the 64th annual meeting, Hanover: Schmidmaier G, Wildemann B, Bail H, Lucke M, Stemberger A, Flyvbjerg A, Raschke M
“The local release from IGF-I and TGF-ß1 a biodegradable poly (D, L-lactide) coating of implants accelerates fracture healing ”



• 2020: President of the German Society for Trauma Surgery (DGU)

• 2020: Deputy President of the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU)

• Since 2018: Chair of AOTK Trauma

• Since 2018: Member of AOTK Executive Board

• 2016-2018: Chair “Anti-Infection Task Force - AITF”

• 2013-2018: President of AOTrauma Germany 

• 2010-2016: Chair “Biomaterials Task Force - BMTF” - AO Technical Commission

• Since 2007: Spokesman for the TraumaNetzwerk-NordWest

• 2003-2010: Head of the working group "Old Age Traumatology " of the German Society for Trauma Surgery

HOTLINE: 020-8928-7873 Hospital-centered and detail-oriented.