Dr. med. Kai- Hinrich Olms,Former Director of Orthopaedics Department at Helios Clinic Bad Schwartau

2020-12-16 17:56:08 596

Work Experience:

• 1991-2020: Chief Physician at HELIOS Hospital Bad Schwartau

• 1998-1990: Specialist Training in General Surgery / Trauma Surgery, Municipal Hospital South, Lübeck

• 1985-1992: Emergency Doctor in the Rescue Helicopter Christoph 6 and Christoph 12

• 1982-1985: Specialist Training in Traumatology and Hand Surgery, ZKH St. Jürgenstrasse, Bremen


• 2016-2020: FOCUS List of TOP DOCTORS in “Foot and Ankle Surgery”



• 2012: International member of AAOS Certified expert of foot and ankle surgery

• 2010: Senior Advisory Board member , Surgicon ,Sweden

• Since 2005: Design Surgeon for VariAx Foot solution, Member of "Healing the Children", Seattle Chapter for Foot and Ankle

• 1996: Founding President of the “Foot surgery foundation “in Germany

• Since 1990: Scientific director of 28 seminars in Munich,Germany, Düsseldorf, Tegernsee and 27 work shops in Lübeck ,Germany (saw-bones and wet lab)

• Since 1990: Chairman of instructional wet labs in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Lebanon, China, Russia, Indonesia and Nepal

• Member of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery

• Member of the German Association for Foot and Ankle

• Member of the ACFAS- American Association for Foot and Ankle Surgeons

• Affiliate member of the Podiatry Institute Atlanta, Georgia


HOTLINE: 020-8928-7873 Hospital-centered and detail-oriented.