University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus

The Carl Gustav Carus Hospital in Dresden has a long medical tradition. It was founded as a surgical medical academy in 1815 by Friedrich August I., King of Saxony. The Royal Surgical Medicinic Academy, which was regarded as the forerunner of the Medical Academy, was founded in 1815 and called the later eponymous physician Carl Gustav Carus as professor. In December 1901, the clinic was able to move into the extensive facilities of the Johannstadt City Hospital. The complex was further expanded in the following years, for example by the Surgery Department, Clinic of Internal Medicine, Women's Clinic and Ophthalmology in 1903. In 1993 the Carl Gustav Carus Medical Academy was established as a Medical Faculty and became part of the Technical University Dresden.

The University Hospital Dresden consists of 26 clinics, four institutes, and three interdisciplinary centers.  Each year, over 310,000 patients receive state-of-the-art medical treatment. With 1,300 in-patient beds and 95 outpatient facilities, the hospital offers the whole range of medical services to the highest quality standards. The staff of 700 doctors and 1600 nurses is committed to excellent service and care. In 2012 a modern Center for Diagnosis, Therapy, and Neurology (DINZ) was opened, in which following departments are located: internal medicine, urology, neurology, as well as radiology. Together with the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the Carl Gustav Carus Faculty of Medicine at TU Dresden and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf the university hospital has established the NCT Dresden in 2015. 

In the clinic ranking 2018, the University Hospital Dresden achieved second place. The overall aim of employees is to understand the needs of every single patient committed to the hospital.

Awards: Listed in FOCUS (2017-2019)

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