I care about the dignity of the small powers

2023-11-22 10:53:57 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 34



In December, 2008, we visited the largest hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Then we went to Sharm el-Sheikh of the Sinai Peninsula where there were stunning arrays of luxury hotels. And we saw the Red Sea for the first time. The Sharm el-Sheikh Peace. Negotiations signed by Palestine and Israel in Sharm el-Sheikh in 1999 achieved the temporary peace agreement between the two countries. In 2005, seven bombings occurred. Half of Sharm el-Sheikh is sea, and the other half was full of police force. Security check was necessary when entering every hotel. The country opposite is Israel. At dusk, we rode on off-road vehicles to the desert. It was hot and stuffy, and the air conditioner in the car could not work because once it was open, sands would get inside it. Yesterday afternoon, I showed Jiawei, one of our colleagues, the photos of local children and me in the desert. But they would not be put on the internet. The children were skinny and dark-skinned. And their clothes were dirty and worn-out. I was just out from the luxury hotel for merely half a day, but my face was already covered with dust and my make-up was messed up. The desert of the Sinai Peninsula is inhospitable at all. I just went there for half a day and sands were in my hair and all around my face. The worst is that it’s in an acute shortage of water. During this Palestine-Israel conflict, the Israeli government tries to drive Gaza people to the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. This is exactly an atrocity against humanity. What power and rights do they have to do this? Now the whole world can do nothing but only watch these murderers killing, pillaging and doing everything evil. By now, the war has caused the death of 12,000 Gaza people, among whom 5,000 were children. This reflects the failure in the education of the whole world. I don’t care about the rise of the great powers, but care about the dignity of the small powers.


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