Doctors are the reflect of conscience of a nation

2023-11-10 18:09:18 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 12


5年时间,仁医医疗团队去了中国53个城市上千家医院,目前我们只选择了128家医院与我们真诚合作。我们发现在中国医院只有极少的医生称得上是优秀医生,我们以骨科为例,在全球只有近百位医生才算得上是顶级医生。中国医院要发展,要对标全球顶级医院,必须有真正的优秀医生和顶级医生。他们首先是有全日制教育博士文凭,这是进入顶级学术圈的入场券,其次是国际视野,优秀的人是有判断力的。最终是你的人品。品行尊贵,内心高雅才会得到贵人的帮助。过去和现在的病人看病看的是医院的品牌,未来90后和00后的病人看病看的是医生的品牌,中国有几个医生在打造个人IP?你终生学习,终生打磨,你真的可以在行业内要风得风,要雨得雨。在欧美国家有身价几十亿的医生,如果你是优秀医生和顶级医生,病人就会追着你跑。再牛的人在你面前那也都得求着你。比如慕尼黑大学附属医院神经外科主任Prof. Tonn,你能知道的这个世界上最权力滔天的人,得了神经外科疾病,都会求助Prof. Tonn。20世纪最伟大的摇滚乐队之一U2乐队主唱曾是他的病人,特地邀请他们上台并感谢他们。他们的全球巡回演唱会就把Prof. Tonn团队所有成员180人全请到了伦敦演唱会现场,未来中国排名第一的职业就是医生,医生才是一个国家的良知。中国医院有了更多更好的医生才能成为当之无愧的好医院。

During the last five years, Gloryren’s team has visited more than 1,000 hospitals in 53 cities in China. However, by now we have only chosen 128 hospitals to establish a close collaboration with them. We realize that in Chinese hospitals, only very few doctors can be described as excellent. Let’s take orthopedic doctors as an example. There are barely around 100 orthopedic doctors worldwide who are regarded as top doctors. If Chinese hospitals want to develop themselves and benchmark against top hospitals in the world, they have to cultivate excellent and top doctors. The doctors first need to obtain a full-time doctoral diploma which is the admission ticket for the top academic circle. Then they need to have an international vision, because talents should have good judgement. Finally they need to have a good personalty. Only if they are noble with internal honor, will they meet the person who is willing to help them. In the past and now, patients choose a good hospital for the best treatments. In the future, the post-90s and post-00s generations will choose a good doctor instead. How many Chinese doctors are building their “Intellectual Property”? If you keep learning and polishing your skills for a lifetime, you could really get all the rewards and reputations in the field. There are Western doctors with the worth of several billions. If you are an excellent or top doctor, patients will follow you wherever you go. The greatest figures also have to ask for your help. For example, Prof. Tonn, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery of University Hospital of Munich. People who you may know with the most immense power in the world will turn to Prof. Tonn when they get a neurosurgical disease. The lead vocalist of U2, one of the greatest rock bands in the 20th century, was once Prof. Tonn’s patient. During U2’s worldwide tour, they invited all the members of Prof. Tonn’s team, 180 people in total, to their concert in London, invited them specially to the stage and expressed thanks to them. In the future, the job ranking the top in China will be doctors, because doctors are the reflect of conscience of a nation. Only if Chinese hospitals cultivate more and better doctors, can they be worthy of the title of good hospitals.


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