Old friends suddenly pass by in my mind, and I look back only to find the time has gone by

2023-11-08 11:38:04 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 13



Thanks to the invitation letter from Prof. Stief, the Deputy Medical Director of University Hospital of Munich, today, we received the visa issued by the Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou. Our team of six will fly from Guangzhou to Istanbul in the Middle East, then to Frankfurt on Jan 13th, 2024. We will drive about 2,800 kilometers from South to North and visit nearly 100 renowned doctors of 30 university hospitals and international hospital groups in Germany. This will be the first time after the pandemic for us to travel from Guangzhou to Munich. We will visit fellows of German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, presidents of hospitals, leaders of specialties, and directors of administrative and legal departments. During our visit, we will exclusively present the hospital management, specialty construction, talent cultivation and modern medical technology of Germany via our Chinese and English official site, Twitter, Douyin, Weibo, WeChat Official Account and Channels. We will hold two Welcome Banquets in Munich and at Schlosshotel Kronberg in Frankfurt, and have a talk with masters face to face. Our aspiration is to build a comprehensive global ecosystem of Sino-Euro hospitals and doctors. During the past five years, our career once encountered great difficulties. However, it must be no more difficult than a family member’s getting a serious illness. This must be a disaster with too much pain. Only if medical techniques are improved, doctors care more for the people and the society, and hospitals are really implement the patient-oriented philosophy, can all the patient’s difficulties be resolved. This is our conscience. Old friends suddenly pass by in my mind, and I look back only to find the time has gone by.


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