Spiritual poverty is the greatest crisis

2023-11-01 10:01:29 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 5


欧洲大陆最盛大的骨科年会-德国骨科与创伤外科年会DKOU 2023于10月24日正式在柏林盛大开幕,在德国攻读临床医学MD博士均到场参会。昨晚与德国骨科与创伤外科学会一位大佬视频会议,他告诉我们大会为今年的嘉宾国中国特地设置了摘要展示分会场,该会场选中的五位讲者均来自西安红会医院,但是他们在会场的表现却令人大失所望。他们只是机械性地展示了准备好的课件,讨论环节根本听不懂主持人英文的提问,也难以作出回应。会场也几乎没有观众来听讲。本次DKOU年会学术氛围是这样的:所有欧洲国家的骨科大佬根本不会迟到或者早退场,讲完课后也会留下来积极参与讨论、互动,对参会的年轻医生也很提携关爱。会场的年轻医生听课也非常认真投入,这跟国内的学术会议氛围相差甚远。国内的学术会议简直就像菜市场,大佬讲完课后马上离开。这是非常糟糕的行为,大佬要有大佬的样子。你们都这样做了,下面的医生会怎么看你们,你来会场究竟是干嘛的呢?中国医院要真正提高学科建设和人才培养必须从好好开会做起。精神赤贫才是一个人最大的危机。一个行业如果从不深度思考,只知天天开展机械化繁重的门诊和手术,这就是一个非常危险的行为和行业。那些一线城市最大的医院天天被一群乱七八糟各怀鬼胎形形色色的人包围着,他们还自认为自已非常了不起,不可一世。这个世界也没有人敢指出他们的不足。也没有人敢于在他们面前说真话。所以才出现了现在的状况。这是何等的悲哀。这个社会还是有很多很好的医生。他们单纯善良,医者仁心,最黑的夜才有最亮的星。

The German Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology (DKOU) 2023, the largest European congress in the field, was grandly opened on October 24 in Berlin. All MD students sent by Gloryren attended the congress. Last night we had a video call with a big shot from the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery. He told us that the organizer set up an abstract session for China, one of the guest nations this year. The selected five speakers are all from Xi’an Honghui Hospital, but they were being disappointing at the venue. They just mechanically delivered the presentation prepared. They could barely understand the questions raised in English or to respond. There were hardly any audience members at the venue to listen to the speech. What they saw at the DKOU is that. All of those influential masters from Europe never arrive late or leave early. They always stay for discussions and interactions after giving lectures, and they are also very supportive and caring for the young attendees. The young attendees are also very attentive and engaged in the lectures, which is quite different from the atmosphere on annual congresses in China. The congresses in China are in chaos, where all the so called big shots leave right after their lecture. This is terrible. A big shot should act like a big shot. What will the young surgeons think of you all when you leave earlier? What are you here for? The first step to improve the specialty construction and talent cultivation of Chinese hospitals is to organize effective congresses. Spiritual poverty is the greatest crisis. It is very dangerous to both the doctors themselves and to the healthcare system if everyone is aimlessly occupied with repetitive daily routine of outpatient consultation and operations. Doctors in the largest hospitals in first-tier cities are flattered by a group of people with various hidden motives every day, which makes them think highly of themselves and consider themselves invincible. No one in this world dares to point out their problems, nor does anyone dare to speak the truth in front of them. All this leads to the current situation. How pathetic.There are still many good doctors. They are simple and kind. They treat patients with benevolence and stick to the work ethic. It is the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.


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