Traveling across mountains and seas with a tender heart

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On Oct 9, Yu Zhaoqing flew from Tianjin to Fuzhou. Her doctoral supervisor is Prof. Hatz, the Director and Chairman of Thoracic Surgery of University Hospital of Munich, a fellow of American College of Surgeons. The lung transplantation center lead by him is the second largest in Germany and the sixth largest worldwide. He was the congress president for the German Society for Thoracic Surgery Congress 2017. Prof. Hatz visited the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University as an international visiting professor, and he spent a busy yet fruitful week together with Kang Mingqiang, the Hospital President and Xie Jinbiao, the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. During his visit, Prof. Hatz attended morning reports, ward rounds, outpatient consultations, observed operations and gave lectures on management, training, research, and clinical care. Yu Zhaoqing, the MD student of Prof. Hatz worked together with him during his visit, Yu will start her doctoral studies at the University Hospital of Munich in February 2024 with a focus on lung cancer, and she will work one year in the lab and one more year in the clinic. The day before Yu left Putian, Prof. Hatz made a detailed plan for her for the coming months before she arrived in Munich, and Yu was deeply touched. In her mind, it is her great honor to have Prof. Hatz as her doctoral student, who is very approachable and humble and influential clinically and scientifically. This strengthens her confidence in pursuing an MD degree in Germany. Prof. Hatz was also very happy about Yu’s performance. Germany is one of the greatest contributors to modern medicine. Germany has many international strategic partners in research and has established extensive cooperation with research institutions and universities worldwide, thereby promoting exchanges and sharing in knowledge and technology. Sixteen years ago, Prof. Hatz visited China for the first time to Beijing. Sixteen years later, Prof. Hatz visited China for the second time, and he visited Beijing, Putian and Xiamen. He took flights and high speed train in China. Everything in China amazed him greatly. He saw a thriving and highly developed modern and peaceful China.


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