World-class Master in Trauma Surgery Prof. Stöckle‘s Visit to China 2023

2023-10-12 15:48:19 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 15



9月10日深夜10:30,因航班延误,在经过近24小时的长途旅行后,柏林夏洛特大学综合医院肌肉骨骼外科中心行政院长、AO Trauma德国区主席、德国创伤外科学会2025年候任主席Stöckle教授终于抵达广州。第二天一早,教授来到广州市第一人民医院开启为期一周的客座教授活动。骨科主任杨运发教授亲自到医院门口迎接教授。随后广州市第一人民医院副院长严瀚、人事部主任钟帆、骨科主任杨运发等人为教授举行欢迎仪式。据教授介绍,夏洛特是全德国乃至全欧洲最好的医院,连续11年被评选为全德第一,连续多年被美国新闻周刊评选为全球十佳医院之一,每年收入超20亿欧元,教授领导的肌肉骨骼外科中心设有11个亚专科,1个独立的研究所,每年完成8500台手术,中心的收入、科研产出占全院10%以上,已经连续4年在美国新闻周刊全球最佳骨科榜单排名全球前五。学术访问期间,在杨运发主任带领下,Stöckle教授在创伤外科参加每日交班、周五大交班、举行学术讲座、教学查房、术前评估、手术指导、术后点评,讲解目前国际高端技术,在手术过程中即时讲解和交流,就科室诊治病例进行了深入交流,对部分疑难杂症进行更好的治疗方案设计,为团队现有研究课题下一步的研究方向提供了建议。值得一提的是,除了学术交流外,教授十分关心科室的梯队建设和人才培养。他先后主动与人事部主任钟帆、骨科主任杨运发及创伤外科团队探讨医护人员配比、医护海外进修计划、如何改进年轻医生培养计划、如何调动年轻医生积极性等问题。除此之外,Stöckle教授在913日午休代表德国骨科与创伤外科界各专家抽空访问仁医医疗办公室,进一步讨论如何为中国三甲医院提供国际化的人才培养和交流计划。教授在与仁医医疗闭门会议中提到:“我与我的德国同事们已经做好与中国同道们分享我们所有知识和技能的准备。”真正的大师不仅技艺精湛,更以重视年轻医生培养、推动全球范围内学科发展为己任。

Late at night on September 10th at 10:30 pm, Prof. Stöckle, the Managing Director of Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery, Charité, President of AO Trauma Germany, Elected President of German Society for Trauma Surgery 2025, finally arrived in Guangzhou after a nearly 24-hour long journey due to a flight delay. The next morning, Prof. Stöckle arrived at Guangzhou First People’s Hospital to get the week-long visiting professorship started. Prof. YANG Yunfa, the Director of the Department of Orthopedics, welcomed Prof. Stöckle at the hospital entrance. YAN Han, the Vice President, ZHONG Fan, Director of the HR Department, and Prof. YANG Yunfa held a welcome ceremony for Prof. Stöckle. Charité is the best hospital in Germany and even in Europe. It has been ranked as the best hospital in Germany for 11 consecutive years, and has been ranked TOP 10 among the World's Best Hospitals by U.S. Newsweek for years in a row. It generates more than 2 billion euros annually. The Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery at Charité consists of 11 sub-speciality and 1 independent Julius-Wolff Institute. Around 8,500 operations are operated annually. The center stands for at least 10% of the overall income and overall scientific output of Charité, and it has been ranked TOP 5 among the World's Best Orthopedics Hospitals by U.S. Newsweek for 5 consecutive years. During the visit, together with Prof. Yang, Prof. Stöckle attended daily meetings, weekly meeting, gave academic lectures, join ward rounds, give comments on pre-op evaluation, intra-op procedures and post-op recovery. He elaborated the international cutting-edge surgical techniques, offered real-time guidance during operation, had heated discussion on the admitted cases, defined better treatment plan on complicated cases, and offered suggestions on next steps for the research project of the team. In addition to academic exchanges, Prof. Stöckle has great passion for talent screening and training. He actively discussed with ZHONG Fan, Director of the HR Department, Prof. YANG Yunfa, the Director of the Orthopedics Department and the trauma surgery team, about human resources, overseas fellowship for medical staff, improvement of the training program for young surgeons, and how to motivate the young surgeons.During lunch break on Sept 13, Prof. Stöckle visited Gloryren’s office despite his tight schedule, to further discuss the international training and exchange program for Chinese Grade III-A hospitals. During his internal meeting with Gloryren, he said “Many of my German colleagues and I are ready to share all our expertise and techniques with our Chinese colleagues”. A true master not only possesses refined skills, but also sees promoting talent training and developing the specialty worldwide as their mission.


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