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2023-10-09 14:21:42 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 18



We are working with international top experts in the medical field. During the intercultural communications, most of them are noble with internal honor. All of our colleagues of the Department of International Public Relations are young female with a TEM-8 certificate. Our requirement for them is that relationships with professors other than working is absolutely not allowed, and it must be eliminated from profession. This is the basic principle of our company. Work can only be work. They should only translate the contents relevant to work. Chatting is not allowed. Inappropriately revealing dressing during work is even less allowed. These are the most basic requirements for professionalism. When we went to Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirate before, we visited a mosque in the morning. It was decorated with crystal lamps from Swarovski and nice Persian carpets. There, their culture emphasizes that people should pursue virtues to the best. Arabian culture encourages people to gain wealth by appropriate methods. This is the principle for a upright person to live in this world. The uprightness of Vice Chairperson Fang and I enables us to work with 186 world’s greatest doctors during all these years. This is why we are treated as stars every time when we arrive in Germany. Now as our country becomes strong and prosperous, ethical values and virtues become more important than wealth. The experts with higher reputation better appreciate women for their uprightness and excellence. Only if we are well-cultured, upright and professional, will they respect and appreciate us from the bottom of their heart, and can we be the greatest women in our field.


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