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On Sept 17, the Third Sino-Euro Global Forum on Hospital Management, Specialty Construction and Talent Cultivation reached a perfect conclusion in Xiamen, China. Eight key academic leaders from Europe, 300 Hospital Presidents, key academic leaders in different specialties, heads of administrative departments and outstanding young doctors from nearly 50 Grade III-A hospitals in 18 Chinese cities attended the forum in person. The promo-article published on Gloryren’s WeChat account attracted more than 63,000 views. The live broadcast attracted more than 200,000 clicks. For the forum, we selected National Grade III-A hospitals, Grade III-A hospitals from first-tier cities, Grade III-A hospitals from second-tier cities, specialized hospitals and private hospitals. We present the current situation of Chinese hospitals from various levels of portraits. Fifteen questions were discussed on the forum by the Sino-Euro hospital presidents for best possible solutions. Only talents make a hospital great. Doctors reflect the conscience of a country. To a well-reputed Grade III-A hospital in China, what you need is a real academic leader instead of a head of a department. You are located at the prime location of the first-tier cities. It is the greatest support from the country that makes your achievement today. It is not because that the President is great. The real greatness lies in the greatness of the team. We used to be one of the most underdeveloped countries worldwide. It took us nearly 40 years to make China the second largest economy worldwide. The three-year-long pandemic empowered China global standing of its healthcare system. The pandemic promoted the importance of healthcare to an unprecedented level. After all, the healthcare system represents the international image of a country. The most important criteria of healthcare are healthy population, well-being index, disease control system and material reserve. The priority of a Chinese hospital should be hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. Being a hospital president is not an ordinary job. Every hospital president in China should help develop and support primary hospitals. This is what you’re here for. Only with social stability, people's happiness and physical health, can a country truly become strong and prosperous.


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