Doctors are the reflect of conscience of a nation

2023-09-01 14:17:32 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 13



That night, I took a flight back from Wuxi to Guangzhou at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour. On the plane, I wrote down the words that had been kept in my heart for the past five years. Doctors and patients are the true core of any hospital. With capable doctors, the lives of patients are genuinely safeguarded. With ample patients, the doctors can truly fulfill their medical expertise. This forms a success circle of a hospital. However, many hospital presidents in China are willing to spend over 30 million yuan to purchase a medical device, yet have never considered investing in specialty construction and talent cultivation of the hospital?Because purchasing medical devices benefits some of the directors by kickback, while investing in specialty construction and talent cultivation benefits the doctors. And many hospital directors believe that actions benefiting doctors are unrelated to their interests. In China, there are plenty of directors hold this belief. The larger the hospital, the stingier and more demanding they are toward doctors. A hospital president once told me that the biggest issue in Chinese hospitals is the serious waste of funds. That's why there's a lack of money to cultivate key international academic leaders. Consequently, there are no top-tier hospitals that can benchmark against internationally well-known hospitals in China. The academic meetings are in chaos.. The so-called big shots leave right after giving their lectures and never truly interact with their colleagues. In 2019, we went to Berlin, Germany, to participate in the largest orthopedic event in Europe – the Annual Congress of the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery. Within four days of the congress, the chairs attended various sessions on time, actively listened to lectures, enthusiastically discussed on various academic challenges with all the attendees. The atmosphere on-site was exhilarating. In fact, the only opportunity for a top doctor to truly enhance his influence within the industry is through participating in conferences actively. How I wish 2023 would be the year of the Chinese hospital. After all, talent makes a great hospital, and doctors are the reflect of conscience of a nation.


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