The green mountains remain unchanged, the clear waters continue to flow, until we meet again

2023-08-24 18:00:58 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 19



I often sit on the bed reading late at night, which has been a habit for many years. I recall when I was fifteen, walking by the river with my father, sitting in the back mountain watching the stars, and eating noodles together late at night. The Kung Pao Chicken and Crispy Pork Slices he made are really first-class delicacy. We even had a Chinese pancake maker with eight animals as the pattern on it. These are all unforgettable memories for me. When I was 10, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Every night I woke up from sleep afraid he would leave me at any moment. At that time, China's medical system was still underdeveloped. There was nothing I could do but to watch helplessly that the person I loved was about to leave me. After I lost my father, no one supported me. Every time I encountered difficulties, I shut down myself immediately, with all hard feelings inside and feel like my heart being shot by thousands of arrows. It’s difficult for me to accept the reality and move on. All I can do is to enjoy solitude and reconcile with everything. In the golden autumn of 2019, I went on a business trip to Germany with Helen. During the 22-day trip, we visited 69 key academic leaders in 30 renowned hospitals. Every morning and afternoon, we shuttled between cities in Germany, wearing traditional Chinese Qipao to meet the experts at the hospitals. No matter in beautiful cities or at the cafes bathed in sunshine. There will be someone who treats me as a treasure. Looking back at my whole life, it is a quite simple story. I like it when the sun is shining on my face, lighting up my day with warmth and beauty. When I was young, I also imagined thousands of times what kind of job I would have in the future, and under what circumstances I will meet them. On a moonlit night, on a purple beach, on a crowded street, at a champagne dinner party, in a university lecture hall, or in a business conference room...But no, I hadn't met them all along, and finally in 2014, without any preparation, I met them in Germany. They are indeed unique. They are indeed my confidants and business partners. I will never forget them, not even in ten thousand years. Why does Heaven give us brilliant day and dazzling sight yet not enough time to spend together...September 2023 is around the corner. The green mountains remain unchanged, the clear waters continue to flow, until we meet again. Let us meet on Sept. 16 in the coastal city of Xiamen, China with a comfortable temperature of 28℃.



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